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“N-word” Councillor Bangs Election Drum

“N-word” Councillor Bangs Election Drum

  • – an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, informing readers of a rehabilitation attempt by “N-word” Scarborough Borough Councillor Mike COCKERILL – just in time for the elections.


Local readers will be aware that the North Yorks Enquirer – and long before it, the Real Whitby Magazine (please see general summary, here) – has been high-lighting the appalling neglect of Whitby Harbour, Piers and Lighthouses since 2010.

Now we are informed that £385,000 of work is under way to address one of the major issues – the damaged and rotten wooden pilings beneath the Whitby Fish Quay – and Councillor Mike COCKERILL is hoping for a fanfare of trumpets to greet his years of towering incompetence and neglect.


Whilst the North Yorks Enquirer welcomes the news that this long-overdue maintenance work is at last under way, it cannot pass without comment that the local elections are less than five weeks away.

Councillor Mike COCKERILL, Chair of the largely ineffectual Whitby Harbour Board (WHB),  is well known as one of the ten NYCC/SBC double-dipper who accepted payments from both Councils for one and the same IT/Broadband connection.


Councillor Mike “N-word” COCKERILL has even conceded that the work was long overdue, telling the Whitby Gazette that:

Essentially, the Fish Quay repairs would be a non-story, having been covered by the Whitby Gazette almost a year ago on 14th April last year, in an article entitled “Fish quay to enjoy face lift as board gets cash”.

The inevitable conclusion has to be that Councillor Mike “N-word” COCKERILL is banging his election drum, much as Councillor Joe “Me Too!” PLANT banged his election drum with another non-story – the spurious claims about the match-funding for the renovation of the Whitby Piers (the truth of which emerged very quickly indeed, courtesy of WTC Councillor Derek ROBINSON).

And who will readily forget Councillor Mike “N-word” COCKERILL’s recent disgraceful racist remarks at Filey Town (Parish) Council?


Councillor Mike “N-word” COCKERILL certainly has something of a miracle of rehabilitation to perform in the wake of his utterly lame apology to Filey Town (Parish) Council, the more so since he could find no response to my public denouncement of him, to his face, as a racist.

The bottom line is that, contrary to Councillor Mike COCKERILL’s admission that he used the “N-word” – drafted, I suspect, by the SBC Legal Department headed by Lisa DIXON (remember BBC ‘Inside Out’ Chris JACKSON proving her a liar?), though not in a racist context (honest, guv), that is exactly how it was used.

It is my contention that the “N-word” exists in no other context than as a racist slur. To quote from my address to Filey Town (Parish) Council at the 11th March Meeting:

When a man uses the “N-word”, there is only ONE context.

It is the context of superiority.

It is deprecating.

It is insulting.

It is demeaning.

It is pejorative.

It speaks as a class of man – a white man – who speaks down to a black man.

It is racist.

But Councillor Mike COCKERILL has had many opportunities to name a context in which the “N-word” is not a racist slur – and has come up with nothing. I invite him to keep trying.

But, hey! No harm in telling the electorate what a magnificent coup the Councillor Mike COCKERILL’s WHB has pulled off – just in time for the elections.

Perhaps it will help voters to forget about the double-dipping and forget about the “N-word”.


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