Wednesday 24th April 2024,
North Yorks Enquirer

Labour Councillor Suspended Over Futurist

The Scarborough & Whitby Labour Party have suspended the whip from Newby Ward Councillor, Vanda Inman.

The suspension was a result of Borough Councillor Inman’s vote to demolish the Futurist Theatre. Labour leaders, Siddons and Randerson, were furious that Inman disobeyed party orders to vote to save the Futurist.

Upon being told of her three month suspension from the Labour group, Councillor Inman resigned from the Labour group and became an Independent Councillor. Labour funds are now being diverted into purchasing an anti-aircraft gun to ensure councillors obey directives from the Dear Leader.

Conservative Borough Councillors Andrew Backhouse and Hazel Lynskey are thought to have been carpeted by a Tory Junta comprising of local leader Joe Plant , Martin Smith, Godfrey Allanson and David Jeffels over their vote to save the Futurist.

It seems that Labour and the Tories require strict obedience and no independent thinking from their councillors. It confirms that party politics was the deciding factor in the vote to demolish the Futurist.

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