Saturday 18th May 2024,
North Yorks Enquirer

ERYC: Con ex-Councillor Charged With Sex Offences

Guest Author ANDY STRANGEWAY reports on the East Riding’s breaking CSA story.


ERYC Con Charged With Sex Offences

A former ERYC Councillor has been charged with nine offences of sex abuse. Arthur Hodgson resigned as a Con Councillor for the South East Holderness ward in June 2016.

Hodgson has been charged with nine offences of sex abuse. He is due to stand trial at Hull Crown Court next month on nine separate counts of historical sexual assault, seven of which date back to 1970s and 80s.

Seven of the charges relate to three different women who were under 14 at the time of the allegations. Two charges involve allegations that he intentionally touched a woman over the age of 16 in a sexual manner without her consent.

I have been in office less than five months and this is the third Con disgrace.

  1. Councillor Dominic Peacock verbal attack on Jo Cox
  2. Councillor Dee Sharpe None Payment of Council Tax
  3. Ex-Councillor Arthur Hodgson charged with sex offences

Which Con is next?


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