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Yorkshire Coast BID – The Next Round

Yorkshire Coast BID – The Next Round

For its latest action in its continuing ferocious opposition to the Yorkshire Coast Business Improvement District Ltd (YCBID) levy of 1.5% (i.e. the ‘stealth tax’ on the business rates of all ‘tourism related’ businesses whose rates bill exceeds £12K per annum), the Yorkshire Coast Levy Payers Association (YCLPA) has engaged a specialist solicitor.

In support of this action, businesses (and well-wishers) are invited to visit the following GoFundMe page to contribute to any legal costs incurred and/or to fund a ‘NO’ campaign in the event of a re-ballot:

Following a Scarborough Borough Council resolution last year, Mr Peter STANYON (CEO of the Association of Electoral Administrators) has been investigating the circumstances surrounding the ballot which empowered YCBID; specifically, the role of Scarborough Borough Council. His report, initially due tomorrow (10th January 2020), has been deferred until noon on Friday 31st January 2020 to allow a further opportunity for the submission of evidence.

Mr STANYON can be contacted here:

Emails should clearly indicate the interest the person making the submission has in relation to the BID and whether they are commenting as an individual or on behalf of a group. Mr STANYON wishes to hear from businesses which have received levy invoices but were not included in the ballot process and/or were not provided with information about the DBID prior to being invoiced.

YCLPA is advising qualifying businesses that it would be premature to pay levy invoices before Mr STANYON’s report is published or, indeed, before the new Secretary of State has ruled on the on-going Appeal.

At a time when the BBC is reporting “Worst year for retail in 25 years, says trade body“, YCLPA is not about to go down without one helluva fight.

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