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ARGOS Objections Pile In

ARGOS Objections Pile In

  • an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, covering the growing tally of well-structured objections to the Planning Application regarding the demolition and redevelopment of the former ARGOS building, 50-59 Newborough, Scarborough [20/021267/FL]. Together, they amount – at least morally – to a call for outright REJECTION. Residents wishing to lodge and Objection may wish to review the following information:


In the Public Interest, it is my pleasure to reproduce some of the Formal Objections to the ARGOS Planning Application from persons and/or organisations who, it can fairly be said, know what they are about. It is within the bounds of possibility (some might say probability) that the Applicant, Buccleuch Property (Scarborough) Ltd, may see the writing on the wall and withdraw the Application, effectively treating this as a ‘dry run’, with a view to re-submitting an Application designed to circumvent the present round of Objections.

First up is Jonathan ALLISON, Scarborough Borough Council’s own Head of Planning Services from 1974-1995. Readers may recall that Mr ALLISON is one of six signatories to a separate Formal Objection (here), co-signed by  Gordon SOMERVILLE (Head of Planning Services 1995-2008), David WILLIAMS (Local Plans Officer 1974 -2010), David GREEN (Group Planning Officer [North] 1974-2008), Chris HALL (Conservation Officer 1974 – 2013) and Tony WILSON (Group Planning Officer [South] 1987-2002; Planning Inspectorate 2002-2011)

Download the PDF file ALLISON_OBJECTION.

Scarborough Archaeological & Historical Society has lodged a Formal Objection, setting special significance on the historical importance of the site vis-à-vis the Carmelite Friary (one of only four in Yorkshire) which occupied the site in medieval times.


Scarborough & District Civic Society has lodged the following Formal Objection (also Cc:’d to Castle Ward Councillors Janet JEFFERSON [Ind.], Carl MAW [Lab.] and Alex BAILEY [Lab.]:


A Formal Objection has also been lodged by the Scarborough Hospitality Association (SHA), representing 140 accommodation-providers, restaurants, cafés and other hospitality enterprises. Established in 1923, the SHA has examined and commented on hundreds of Planning Applications:

Download the PDF file SHA_OBJECTION.

On the subject of the ‘missing’ and hitherto much-vaunted Town/Market Square, members of the Planning Committee have been reminded of the commitment made back in 2002 in the Scarborough Renaissance Charter. Readers will take careful note of the large number of signatories, some of whom are still active and appear in Formal Objections reproduced above:



The following Formal Objection, from Mr Michael RIVERS, is worthy of special attention. Those who wish to add their comments on the Planning Portal would do well to study it with care, in conjunction with the material reproduced above:


Readers who wish to contest the assertion that the proposed building dwarfs the existing structure (and the surrounding buildings) are invited to view this photograph, passed to me by a concerned Councillor:

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