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Cllr. MURPHY: Futurist Demolition “Shambolic”

Cllr. MURPHY: Futurist Demolition “Shambolic” A Letter to the Editor by SBC Councillor Norman MURPHY, Deputy Leader of the Independent Group, slamming the continuing havoc arising from the Council’s incautious practices and policies regarding the Futurist demolition site. Will Stormin’ [...]

January 17, 2019 Letters, Scarborough Borough Council

Futurist Demolition Costs Rise

As residents and visitors can see with their own eyes, the demolition of the Futurist Theatre on Foreshore Road in Scarborough has been underway for a while now. The demolition costs for the Futurist were presented by SBC’s Cabinet on [...]

June 3, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council

The Futurist takes a Curtain Call – in the Eye

The Futurist takes a Curtain Call – in the Eye The sheer stupidity of the ‘directing minds’ at Scarborough Borough Council has found recognition once more in the pages of the nation’s best-loved satirical magazine – Private Eye. Readers who [...]

February 7, 2018 Private Eye, Scarborough Borough Council

Futurist: Wilmott Dixon #1 Newsletter

Futurist: Wilmott Dixon #1 Newsletter Readers may be interested to have belated sight of  the following. Wilmott Dixon, the contractor carrying out the demolition of The Futurist Theatre and re-stabilization of the site, has released its Newsletter #1 to local [...]

January 11, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council

“Whose Futurist Is It, Anyway?”

A Letter to the Editor from Ali WILKINS, of Scarborough, who writes in the hope of eliciting an answer to a question Councillor Derek BASTIMAN [Con.], Leader of the Council, keeps dodging: Whose Stephen Joseph Theatre is it, anyway? The [...]

November 29, 2017 Letters

The Futurist: An Appeal to the Minister

A member of the public has been kind enough to share sight of a letter written to the Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, the Rt.Hon. Sajid JAVID MP [Con.] (Bromsgrove), appealing for intervention in the matter of [...]

October 30, 2017 Scarborough Borough Council

“That Futurist Decision”

Today’s Letter to the Editor, from Bernard BLAGDEN of Hunmanby, is perhaps the most representative of a great many expressions of incomprehension, sadness and anger at Scarborough Borough Council’s (almost) last nail in the coffin of The Futurist Theatre, Scarborough. [...]

October 24, 2017 Letters, Scarborough Borough Council

Save The Futurist – Update

Save The Futurist  – Update The Save The Futurist Theatre – Official page on Facebook has published the following up-date: [...]

September 20, 2017 Scarborough Borough Council

SBC Futurist Lies Exposed?

Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) recently made a planning application to itself to demolish the Futurist Theatre on Foreshore Road. Planning application 17/01714/RG3 can be accessed here. SBC stated: The condition of the Futurist building has also been previously reported to [...]

September 10, 2017 Scarborough Borough Council

Futurist: Asbestos Rumours Scotched

Futurist: Asbestos Rumours Denied Following recent rumours, widely circulated on social media, to the effect that Scarborough Borough Council had engaged a specialist asbestos removal contractor to begin assessment and removal of hazardous matrrials from The Futurist Theatre, and that [...]

March 13, 2017 Scarborough Borough Council