Sunday 16th June 2024,
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UNISON: Update re Harrogate Borough Council



There has been no formal engagement with the Trade Unions or staff in relation to Harrogate staff having to transfer to Veritau rather than North Yorkshire. We are therefore somewhat angry that Harrogate Council is publicly stating that there has been full engagement when there has not.

HBC has requested to meet with UNISON representatives today, 19th January, which we are prepared to do on the basis that additional information is provided beforehand. We are seeking:

  • An acknowledgement of receipt of our Dispute and a date for it to be heard.
  • The Harrogate Borough Council report recommending the transfer of staff to Veritau and the commencement of consultation with the Trade Unions and staff.  Ordinarily this would go to the Council’s Management Board, possibly cabinet and the HR committee.
  • Confirmation of who has made the decision to transfer the staff and commence the TUPE process and the authority on which they have acted in accordance with HBC’s governance policy and procedures.
  • A formal invitation to any TUPE consultation.

As previously stated, there is no benefit to Harrogate Borough Council in transferring its staff to Veritau and it is something they do not have to do. The expectation of staff is that they will transfer to North Yorkshire Council on 1st April and have the same opportunity as all other Harrogate staff to move on to North Yorkshire Council’s new terms and conditions, recently negotiated by UNISON.  Only then if there is a need to review how audit services are delivered for the new Council then the proper processes should be followed after the transfer including full and proper engagement with staff and UNISON.

David Houlgate            


Harrogate Local Government Branch – UNISON

Harrogate Borough Council

Level 7

Harrogate Convention Centre

Kings Road



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