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Savile/Jaconelli: Mark Williams-Thomas Allegations

Savile/Jaconelli: Mark Williams-Thomas Allegations

  • – Crime & Parliamentary Affairs correspondent TIM HICKS reports on the latest allegations of Police cover-up in the JIMMY SAVILE/PETER JACONEWLLI scandal.


Following on from the news on the 19th of September that a Detective Sergeant from North Yorkshire Police has been served with misconduct papers by the IPCC over the Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli scandal.

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The North Yorks Enquirer also released information that the ring that Conservative Councillor Peter Jaconelli led in Scarborough was known to North Yorkshire Police from at least the 1970’s, some sources say since the 1950’s and was involved in trafficking:

“I have received information via recorded witness statements from three former serving Police personnel stationed at Scarborough Police Station in the 1970s, ’80s and 90s which confirms that both Savile and Jaconelli were frequent visitors to the Police Station, were they were treated like visiting royalty, despite it being well-known by the Police that they were paedophiles (by the common-usage phrase “kiddy fiddlers”) acting in joint enterprise and with others. One witness has stated that Police cars were provided to convey Jaconelli to County Hall in Northallerton, then on to Leeds for casual liaisons, before returning to Scarborough in the early hours.

One of these witnesses recalls two occasions when he personally took details from parents of under-age girls assaulted by Savile in his car, after having having been picked up by Savile on the Foreshore Road in the late 1970s. These reports were passed up the food chain and suppressed.

Another witness has stated that Jaconelli routinely paid £1.00 to be masturbated, and £5.00 for the provision of oral sex.

All of these witnesses emphasized that the prevailing Police culture in Scarborough in the 196s and ’70s was one of laissez faire towards allegations of exploitative under-age sex, especially where the rich and powerful were concerned. Other witnesses have spoken of an extended ring capitalising on their connections to Savile and Jaconelli, plying young girls with money, alcohol and drugs before renting them out to pre-booked clients in motor-homes that travelled to Middlesbrough, York and further afield – including to a hidden location convenient to Queen Elizabeth II Barracks, Strensall, where they were reportedly clandestinely filmed in a caravan, with the resultant hard-core pornography exported to Holland and beyond.”

One would think this information would be of interest to North Yorkshire Police, particularly as some of the perpetrators of these heinous offences could still be alive and could face prosecution.  However, although there is a dedicated team of detectives deployed on OPERATION HIBISCUS to investigate these crimes, to date we have had no enquiries from them about this new and shocking development.

This would appear to confirm the complete and total determination of North Yorkshire Police not to conduct an impartial and rigorous investigation into the allegations that officers from North Yorkshire Police knew all about Savile and Jaconelli.


Multiple witnesses, local Councillors, the BBC, Scarborough News, Real Whitby and the North Yorks Enquirer are all alleging that North Yorkshire Police knew about Savile and Jaconelli but ignored reports on them.

Today, in a similar case, Surrey Police was forced to admit that it had known about Savile since 2003.

Article from the Daily Mail here.

So far, seven serving or retired police officers are under investigation, one each from North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Sussex, and four from Surrey.

Full story here:

This is only the tip of the iceberg so far as North Yorkshire Police is concerned.

However, it is the comments of Child Protection expert and investigative reporter and criminologist Mark Williams-Thomas quoted in the Birmingham Post (whose TV documentary first exposure of Savile  struck a chord with journalists from the North Yorks Enquirer) that confirm that he had supplied names of a further twelve figures involved in paedophilism:

“I know of another twelve public figures and that is a minimum. The names I have supplied are senior police officers, politicians, local authority officials and senior civil servants – people with a lot to lose.

After Savile I got letter bombs and death threats. That’s nothing compared to what you will get with politicians and the like. There will be dirty games played, a campaign to undermine those investigations. The only way to do it is through a proper inquiry, to have properly skilled investigators to dig out more evidence.

There are hundreds of victims. Savile had close to 1,000. Offenders don’t offend in isolation, and they continually offend. The offences date back to the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. Some go back to the 1950s. The accused are old people now. If we leave it too long they will die or be dying, or have gone senile.”

The experience of the North Yorks Enquirer perfectly bears out that of Mark Williams-Thomas.  We have not had letter bombs yet, but as soon as we started to investigate Savile and Jaconelli, Scarborough Borough Council Solicitor Lisa Dixon threatened all of  our journalists with civil action and alleged that we had committed criminal offences.  Subsequently another of our journalists was threatened with arrest by the Deputy Chief Constable if we continued to comment on North Yorkshire Police.*** Savile/Jaconelli: Mark Williams-Thomas Allegations ***

The only way we will get to the bottom of this business is if there is an independent investigation.

North Yorkshire Police simply will not investigate itself impartially.


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