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The North Yorks 3

The North Yorks 3

  • Crime & Parliamentary Affairs correspondent TIM HICKS reports on the latest developments – following on from the shameful admission from North Yorkshire Police that the allegations that the North Yorkshire Enquirer has been making since October 2012 that a major paedophile vice-ring led by Mayor Peter Jaconelli had operated openly in Scarborough, although the Police had known all about, it were substantively true. Full statement here.


I was shocked to read Tim Thorne’s article on Who voted for Jaconelli?  This raised the question about which Councillors voted for Peter Jaconelli to be an Alderman, although it was explicitly known in Scarborough at the time that he was a dangerous paedophile.  This has some wider implications.

The Campaign of intimidation against the North Yorks Three to prevent the truth coming out and to deny freedom of speech.

In March 2013, Scarborough Borough Council solicitor Lisa Dixon wrote to Tim Thorne, Nigel Ward and I falsely accusing is of criminal offences and threatening us with civil actions for libel and arrest by the Police. Mrs Dixon also wrote to the Internet Service Provider of the website we were writing for at the time, asking for it to “terminate” the website.

Although we asked Mrs Dixon several times to specify what inaccuracies she was complaining of, so we could consider her view and offer an apology or retraction if appropriate, she did not respond or make any attempt to resolve the matter. She was in fact unable to specify one single example of any error or defamatory comment, but nevertheless maintained her position that the website should be shut down, without any justification.

The BBC also asked Mrs Dixon why she had tried to have the Real Whitby website “Terminated”.  She replied with a denial, which was a lie.

North Yorkshire Police Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick has also threatened to arrest one of our journalists over his comments and opinions, expressed in our articles about North Yorkshire Police.

So why should a solicitor write making false allegations about a local news website and trying to close it down? And why should no less a person than the Deputy Chief Constable of the Force – the second most senior Police Officer in the County and one of the top 100 Police Officers in the UK – write threatening a journalist in an obscure local internet news magazine with the full might and fury of the law? All funded by public money.

Could the North Yorks Enquirer have hit a nerve?

Do some people and organisations have something to hide?

The Savile & Jaconelli Connection

The major story we have been running with over the past two years has been that millionaire businessman Peter Jaconelli, a Conservative Councillor, Alderman and Mayor, was a rapist and abuser of children. Jaconelli prostituted children from at least one of the schools of which he was Governor.

He ran a vicious paedophile gang which we believe included Jimmy Savile and others. Savile and Jaconelli procured victims for each other. They bribed witnesses, trafficked victims and may also have bribed Police Officers. We have also dared to state that they did this with the full knowledge of Scarborough Council and the North Yorkshire Police from about 1947 until Jaconelli’s death in 1999, and that neither the Council nor the Police did anything about it. As at Rotherham, they simply abandoned the children to be abused.

The BBC investigation into our allegations included evidence from multiple witnesses irrefutably confirming that the Police knew about Jaconelli and protected him because he was a Councillor businessman, Mayor and Alderman, and ran the judo club (where, incidentally, he also abused children).

All the major Police failures to arrest Savile and wind up the Westminster and Scarborough paedophile-rings occurred in Scarborough:

  1. The failure by Police Officers that served in Scarborough and Whitby to arrest Jaconelli – although his offending was common knowledge in Scarborough- which would surely have led the Police to Savile.
  1. The failure to arrest Savile as a result of multiple allegations – according to NYE witnesses – that Scarborough Police had received about Savile going back to the 1970’s.
  1. The failure to properly investigate information it now admits it received from a 15-year-old girl in 2002 regarding Savile.
  1. The failure to arrest Savile, during a major paedophile investigation in Scarborough in 2003, when detectives questioned witnesses about Savile, Jaconelli and another man, Jimmy Corrigan.  This investigation led to the conviction of two men (one of whom was subsequently cleared on appeal).  It generated so much intelligence on paedophilism in Scarborough and Whitby that it had to be handled on HOLMES (Home Office Large Major Enquiry System). Yet North Yorkshire Police claimed they had no information Savile or Jaconelli at all in their intelligence systems.
  1. The failure of North Yorkshire Police to investigate allegations about Jaconelli that it received in December 2008 and January 2009.
  1. The failure by the Force Intelligence Bureau to pass on the intelligence held on Savile to Surrey Police in 2007 – instead giving him a clean bill of health – which ensured the failure of the Surrey investigation.
  1. The failure by the Force Intelligence Bureau to pass on intelligence to the Metropolitan Police Operation Yewtree in 2012, on Savile and Jaconelli.
  1. Savile was a member of the Westminster ring, as was his friend Cyril Smith.  Had North Yorkshire Police arrested Jaconelli or Savile, it would have led them straight to the Westminster paedophile ring as well.

Clearly this is not something the Police (or the Council) would like to own up to.

As with the Rotherham scandal, those exposing child abuse were subjected to intimidation by the Council and the Police.  A campaign of harassment was unleashed upon Nigel Ward, Tim Thorne and I by the Police and Scarborough Council, because we have properly raised issues in the public interest.

This has consisted of insult, threats and intimidation by public servants that in some cases amounts to a criminal harassment to restrict free speech and prevent the truth about misconduct by Councillors and Police Officers emerging. Full story here: The Onslaught

The Cover-up Unravels.

North Yorkshire Police ran a cover up into its protection of Savile, which culminated in public statements that Savile did not live in Scarborough and an official investigation by Assistant Chief Constable Sue Cross.  This was another cover up to evade responsibility for its failure to detect Savile and Jaconelli.  This resulted in the IPCC exonerating North Yorkshire Police from any wrongdoing.  NYE comments on the Cross Report here.

Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick’s statement triumphantly exonerating North Yorkshire Police appears here:

When the BBC and the NYE team blew this apart, North Yorkshire Police had to admit that Savile and Jaconelli were both involved in a ring together in Scarborough, which it knew about all along. North Yorkshire Police statement confirming this here.

This has left Police Officers open to disciplinary action or prosecution (see final paragraph of this excellent article on the Scarborough paedophile ring):  Article here.

The People With A Personal Interest In Preventing The Truth From Emerging.

The following people have an interest in closing down the investigations by the NYE:

  • Assistant Chief Constable Sue Cross who wrote the report denying there was any evidence of Savile offending, now shown to be farcical.
  • The Chief Officer and Press Officer who authorised the press release stating that Jimmy Savile had no connections to Scarborough, thereby ensuring it was excluded from the Home Office and IPCC Investigations and leading to the Home Secretary inadvertently misleading Parliament in her statement on the Savile investigation.
  • The Directors of North Yorkshire Police Force Intelligence from 2003 onwards that failed to disseminate intelligence on Savile, although it existed.
  • Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick, who is still threatening a journalist with arrest for commenting on North Yorkshire Police Operations and Business – even though the Crown Prosecution Service has confirmed that he has not committed any offence – and his Force has admitted that the allegations made are essentially correct. The Crown Prosecution Service kept this file open for two and a half years – although there was no evidence to support any prosecution – so that the threat of prosecution could still be held over our reporting.
  • Chief Constable Dave Jones is refusing to respond to correspondence and is refusing to release the results of a review into the case that he ordered in August 2014.
  • Scarborough Borough Council is Conservative controlled.  Jaconelli was a Conservative Councillor, leader of the Conservative Group, Alderman and Mayor.
  • Councillor Tom Fox (Conservative) is Leader of the Council and formerly the Chief Inspector commanding policing in Scarborough, where he served for almost all of his Police career. He may be one of the many Police Officers that turned a blind eye to Jaconelli’s crime’s – crimes that were  common knowledge in Scarborough throughout his service there.
  • Councillor Jane Kenyon-Miller.  (Conservative).  Former Chair of the North Yorkshire Police Authority, who would not want any criticism of North Yorkshire Police, which would reflect discreditably on her.

Kenyon-Miller has other reasons to want the North Yorks 3 silenced.

We revealed that Councillor Kenyon-Miller had a mobile telephone provided to her with the rental and telephone calls, paid for by the former North Yorkshire Police Authority, of which she was the Chair (double-dipping). We maintain she should have paid for this through the Allowance provided by North Yorkshire County Council for that purpose.

We also revealed that she is the CFO of a bankrupt corporation in the United States (which she has not declared on her Register of Interests) and commented on the Chief Officers expenses scandal. As a result, Private Eye stated that Councillor Kenyon, the Chair of the North Yorkshire Police Authority and Portfolio Holder for Scarborough Borough Council’s Legal Department had committed a criminal offence under the Localism Act. Clearly it is a matter of overwhelming public interest that the Police Authority is led by a person that is openly alleged in the national press to have committed a criminal offence of deception on an on-going basis. Councillor Kenyon-Miller responded by abusing her position as Chair of the Police Authority by trying to have me and arrested for harassment by a corrupt Police Officer (Detective Superintendent Heather Pearson) for revealing the truth. Full sordid story of the Kenyon-Miller Tax Fraud on the US Government


Councillor Kenyon-Miller also threatened to sue me for libel through her solicitor. However, when I stood by my remarks and invited her to do so, nothing (of course) happened.

It also transpired that she had ordered that Officers were diverted away from child protection, to try and arrest a North Yorks Enquirer journalist for publishing the details of her involvement with Belvedere Computers.

  • The Councillors who voted for Councillor Jaconelli to be made Alderman despite the fact that he was known locally to be a paedophile.  As per Tim Thorne’s article above, the following current Councillors were Councillors at the time that Jaconelli was made an Alderman in 1996:

Cllr Derek Bastiman: (Conservative)

Cllr Eric Broadbent: (Labour)

Cllr Dorothy Clegg: (Independent)

Cllr David Jeffels: (Conservative)

Cllr Jane Kenyon-Miller: (Conservative)

Cllr Jane Mortimer: (Conservative)

Cllr Peter Popple: (then, Labour)

Cllr Herbert Tindall: (Conservative)

That is not to say that they all voted in favour of him or, indeed, that any of them voted in favour of him. But if any of them did, they have a very strong reason to prevent the truth about Jaconelli emerging. After all, who wants to admit that they knowingly voted for a rapist and paedophile to be made an Alderman?

However, although that is bad enough.  It gets much worse.

Councillor Tom Fox is a retired Senior Police Officer as well as the Leader of the Council. Councillor Kenyon-Miller was the Chair of the former Police Authority during the period of some of these failed investigations into Savile, as well as being Portfolio Holder for the Council Legal Department.

The North Yorks Enquirer believes that the threats from the Police and the Council were undertaken in joint enterprise, to prevent the truth about Jaconelli and Kenyon-Miller emerging.

This is particularly despicable, given that here was a major paedophile criminal investigation on-going at the time, and that some members of the Scarborough ring are still thought to be alive and could face prosecution.

Mrs Lisa Dixon – Scarborough Borough Council Monitoring Officer

This now requires some examination of the position of the Council’s Monitoring Officer, Mrs Lisa Dixon.

Mrs Dixon is a solicitor and has a certain standard of conduct to meet in order to maintain the good name of the legal profession. She also has a duty to the good people of Scarborough to act impartially and dispassionately in her capacity as a Monitoring Officer.  Has she met that standard?

Mrs Dixon has:

  • Threatened Tim Thorne, Nigel Ward and myself with arrest and prosecution, although she has been unable to support her allegations with any evidence and the Police have confirmed that there is no criminal offence in our coverage.
  • Alleged to third parties that Tim Thorne, Nigel Ward and myself were preventing the Council from performing its functions, we were committing criminal offences and defaming Councillors, although she has been unable to support her allegations with any evidence.
  • She has declined specify what the Council is complaining about or reach any agreement, apology or retraction with the North Yorks 3 .
  • Lied in a press release to Whitby Town Council in which she denied trying to terminate Real Whitby, although it is quite clear that she did.
  • Refused to retract the press release to Whitby Town Council when it was pointed out that it was incorrect – thereby knowingly supporting falsehood in an attempt to deceive Whitby Town Council.
  • Been shown to have lied in a press release to the BBC in which her Department denied trying to terminate Real Whitby, although it is quite clear that it did and the BBC provided documentary proof of this in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers.
  • Described our coverage as “Malicious, harmful, abusive, inaccurate, misleading and defamatory” in a press release to the BBC, the implication being that Tim Thorne, Nigel Ward and I were malicious liars – again without being able to provide one single instance to support her allegations.  Subsequently the BBC investigated every allegation we have made and found them to be accurate
  • Tried to have Nigel Ward arrested for benefit fraud.
  • Issued a statement justifying the request to investigate Nigel Ward for fraud, on the basis that “The Council regularly receives allegations concerning  ……. fraud from a variety of sources including from the general public. Since these allegations relate to potential criminal activity, the Council treats all such allegations very seriously. Consequently they are subject to strict procedures concerning investigation.” Whilst on the other hand, she has repeatedly and unlawfully supressed complaints about the gravest possible acts of fraud by her boss Councillor Jane Kenyon-Miller.



It appears that Mrs Dixon has pursued a campaign of harassment against three entirely innocent journalists because they have spoken out properly in in the public interest about criminality.

Worse, this policy of protecting prominent people like Jaconelli is still being ruthlessly pursued by Scarborough Borough Council, as shown by the way it is protecting Councillor Jane Kenyon-Miller.

Mrs Dixon is currently refusing to respond to correspondence from me requesting a Standards Investigation into Councillor Kenyon-Miller’s undeclared holdings in Belvedere Computers Inc, although her duty is to initiate a Standards Investigation – which should lead to the arrest of Kenyon-Miller under the Localism Act 2011, for not revealing her holding in Belvedere Computers Inc – the company Kenyon-Miller used to inflict a major six or seven figure tax fraud on the United States Government.

“From: Timothy Hicks

Sent: 28 December 2014 11:32

To: ‘Lisa Dixon’ (

Subject: FW: Councillor Jane Kenyon-Miller, CFO of Belvedere Computers Inc and Portfolio Holder for Finance Procurement and Legal.

Dear Mrs Dixon,

Further to my e mail below, I am writing to you in your capacity as Council Monitoring Officer to confirm that I have had no response to my e mails of the 6th and 20th of June, 2nd of July 2014, 11th of August and 8th of November 2014, requesting that you initiate a standards investigation into Councillor Jane Kenyon-Miller’s failure to register her interest as CFO of Belvedere Computers Inc.  A criminal offence within the meaning of the Localism Act 2011.

I have therefore concluded that you are protecting Councillor Kenyon-Miller from investigation and possible arrest because she is a senior Councillor with responsibility for the Legal Department and therefore your boss.  Which is a corrupt act and an abuse of your position as a solicitor and monitoring officer.  It appears she is being protected in exactly the same way as Councillor Peter Jaconelli was.

I would repeat my request that you initiate a standards investigation into Councillor Kenyon-Miller.

I would also request that you withdraw the threat to sue myself, Tim Thorne and Nigel Ward, over our coverage of these issues.

Yours sincerely,

Timothy Hicks”

She has thus abused her position as a solicitor and Monitoring Officer to assist in concealing a tax fraud on the United States government and to conceal criminal offences by Councillor Kenyon-Miller in the UK.

Councillor Tom Fox is also refusing to respond to correspondence:

“From: Timothy Hicks

Sent: 28 December 2014 11:34

To: Cllr.Tom Fox (

Subject: FW: Councillor Jane Kenyon-Miller, CFO of Belvedere Computers Inc and Portfolio Holder for Finance Procurement and Legal

Dear Councillor Fox,

I have had no response from you to the my e mails of the 22nd of May, 20th of June, 2nd of July, 26th of July, 11th of August 2014, 16th of September and 8th of November 2014 concerning Councillor Jane Kenyon-Miller, CFO of Belvedere Computers Inc and Portfolio Holder for Finance Procurement and Legal.

I have therefore concluded that you are unlawfully supressing my complaint to protect Councillor Kenyon-Miller from investigation and possible arrest because she is a senior member of your party.

Scarborough Borough Council has a legal duty to investigate complaints.  As leader, of Scarborough Borough Council, you have a duty to ensure that standards are maintained and the law upheld impartially, as you did when you were the officer commanding Scarborough and Whitby Police.  I therefore consider that it is a breach of your duty and an abuse of your position as Leader of Scarborough Council to supress a complaint and prevent a criminal investigation into allegations of offences under the Localism Act 2011, because Councillor Kenyon-Miller is a member of your party.  It appears to me that Councillor Kenyon-Miller is being protected because of her status as a senior Conservative Councillor and Alderman, in exactly the same way that Peter Jaconelli was protected.

I would repeat my request that you initiate a standards investigation into Councillor Kenyon-Miller.

I would also request that you direct Mrs Dixon and Councillor Kenyon-Miller to withdraw the threat to sue myself, Tim Thorne and Nigel Ward, over our coverage of these issues.

Yours sincerely,

Timothy Hicks”


The truth has not come out and it will not until there is a completely independent investigation. Until this happens, we will always have cover-up after cover-up of child sexual abuse and corruption by public figures in North Yorkshire.

North Yorkshire Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and Scarborough Borough Council have all had the opportunity of commenting on this article, but did not.

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