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The Deadly Leeds Pandemic

April 8, 2021 Misc

Following on from an article where cremation and burial figures for Scarborough Borough and York City Councils show business as usual and no sign of any pandemic in 2020, next we move across to the major population centre in West Yorkshire, the City of Leeds.

According to Leeds City Council, which runs crematoria and graveyards in the city, the total number of cremations and burials carried out over the past few years are as follows:

Cremations Burials Total C&B
2015 5894 1285 7179
2016 5481 1060 6541
2017 5607 1115 6722
2018 5619 1108 6727
2019 5547 1035 6582
2020 5674 1043 6717

Here is a nice pretty picture of that data.

How strange! According to the ONS England & Wales registered deaths increased by 18% in 2020, but it is not reflected in the cremations and burials carried out in the City of Leeds. It looks like business as usual in Leeds.

So the politicians and bureaucrats at City of Leeds Council have closed the city for tourism and hospitality, a major part of the local economy. They’ve thrown a great many people on the dole. They’ve closed a plethora of local businesses, some never to return. They did all this for a pandemic which appears never to have arrived.

Did the local government authority tasked with cremating and burying the dead during the deadly viral holocaust in the City of Leeds take it’s eye off the ball? Or did the local authority cover up the fact there was no large increase in cremations and burials in the city during 2020? Answers are needed.

These politicians and bureaucrats should have been fully aware of the cremation and burial figures because, if a deadly viral holocaust had actually arrived, they may have needed to secure extra capacity to cremate and bury the hundreds of extra corpses. These politicians and bureaucrats have caused an enormous amount of damage in the city by not doing what they are elected and paid to do.

I suspect they’ll just use the Nuremberg defence: “I was just obeying orders.

These politicians and bureaucrats are the plague on our country, not a novel variant of the Coronavirus.

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