Saturday 22nd June 2024,
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FOUND! The £210K S’borough Market ‘Lost’ Web-site

FOUND! The £210K S’borough Market ‘Lost’ Web-site

Further to North Yorks Enquirer editor Tim THORNE’s recent article, and thanks to a diligent Enquirer reader, we can now reveal that the much-vaunted (but missing) £210,000 web-site for the Scarborough Market (redeveloped at a cost of £2.8 MILLION) has finally been located.

Curiously, it would appear to be nothing more than a FREE WordPress blog-site, last updated on 2nd December 2016.

According to the Scarborough Borough Council website, anyone interested:

“…should contact our Investment Manager, Nick Taylor by email to or by calling 01723 232440…”
“The University of Hull is creating an online market, a virtual Scarborough market on a single website, with lots of different traders, but one pay point.
It is also creating an online market intelligence system. This will be an invaluable source of data and analysis of key trends and influences on the local business environment.”

Intelligence system? Laugh? I almost voted Tory!

And all this on the day that SBC’s preferred mouthpiece – The Scarborough News – is running a syndicated story entitled:

“In an age of fake stories we always provide trusted news”

In sharp contrast, the Enquirer documents its articles with URL-links to public record documents, FOIA responses, Council Minutes and Agendas and recorded conversations with prominent ‘in-the-know’ local bigwigs.

Take a look for yourselves at the, erm, “£210K Scarborough Market web-site”:


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