Thursday 20th June 2024,
North Yorks Enquirer

Lost: £210k Website Belonging to SBC

The £2.8million renovation of the Scarborough Market Hall on St Helens Square was finally opened to the public last week. Mystery surrounds why a major piece of project, a £210k website for the Market Hall, appears not to have been completed. A breakdown of the costs for the website appears below.

Further investigation into the delivery date for the £210k website appears to suggest it should have been implemented in June 2016. Only eleven months late…

A few questions need to be asked:

  1. Who thought that market traders selling fruit, veg, meat or fish would need an e-commerce platform?
  2. Why did erstwhile Scarborough Borough Councillors think spending £210k on a website was good value for money for we taxpayers?
  3. Are Councillors and Council Officers regularly tested for substance abuse?

Don’t just hope for better scrutiny of public spending, vote for it next Thursday!

I’ll be standing in the North Yorkshire County Council elections on May 4th and I’d appreciate your vote so I can have a mandate to scrutinise outrageous public spending at County Hall.

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