Saturday 25th May 2024,
North Yorks Enquirer

Scarborough Labour Commies Fail Again

The abolition of Scarborough Borough Council (huzzah!) is just around the corner, so it’s time for a quick look back.

The May 2019 polling booth putsch saw King Derek the Useless of Scalboringcunty usurped of his beloved gold commode. The holy gold commode was blessed by local charity fundraising duo Sir James Savile and Alderman Peter Jaconelli, for whom King Derek the Useless was grateful and voted to bestow titles upon them.

The putsch saw the holy commode pass into the slippery hands of local communist Steve “Supreme Leader” Siddons and his unwashed band of ideological nutjobs.

One of the last things that King Derek the Useless “achieved” was the demolition of the Futurist for the princely sum of £4million. Collectively, we are still paying £4million extra smackeroonies every year as they raised our council tax to pay for the demolition and Labour nor the Tories ever put it back down. Stand and Deliver!

To right the wrong of King Derek the Useless, Siddons and his comrades in Scarborough Labour delivered a gigantic Wheel of Fortune on the Futurist site for the proles.

Supreme Leader Siddons went on to say:

“I am really pleased that we have been able to secure such a high quality attraction for Scarborough and I am looking forward to seeing it in operation later this month. The observation wheel will be something unique for the South Bay, which will complement existing businesses, help to attract extra visitors and benefit the town until plans for a permanent solution on the site are finalised.”

One of Siddons’ apparatchiks, First Secretary of the Scarborough Politburo, Rich Maw, also commented:

Fast forward four years after the 2019 elections and now we look at the “something decent”, the permanent solution devised by the collectivised brains of the fruitloop commies who make up Scarborough Labour.

Yep, you guessed it, the same “temporary” wheel.

So as Scarborough Labour leave office on Scarborough Borough Council for the last time, we look back on another comment from First Secretary of the Scarborough Politburo, Rich Maw.

So in four years the local taxpayer still haven’t got a permanent attraction on the Futurist site, nor have we got the much vaunted multi-screen cinema they promised, but the Labour commies did deliver another temporary solution and somewhere we could have a dump halfway around the Drive.

Those gaping holes, a Maw as they are also known, would appear to be between the ears and below the noses of all colour of local politicians.

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