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BBC Question Time Bias

April 16, 2016 Misc

On February 20th 2016 Conservative Prime Minister, Dodgy Dave Cameron, announced the date for the long awaited EU Referendum. In 68 days time, on June 23rd, the EU Referendum will be held to decide whether the UK remains or leaves the European Union.

Since the EU Referendum was announced, I’ve been monitoring the BBC’s flagship political debate show on BBC1, Question Time. You are no doubt familiar with the programme. Five or six guests from across the political spectrum answer topical questions from the audience.

On the 25th February the host of Question Time, David Dimbleby, said the following:

And just before I take the first question, we are now into the referendum campaign I suppose as you’ve got just 17 weeks to go before the vote. So here on Question Time we’re going to balance our panels and our audiences to meet both sides of the argument.

Lets see how the BBC have done. I’ve kept a close eye on how the panelists are voting with regard to the EU Referendum and here is the current score:

  • Remain: 16 Panelists 52%
  • Leave: 14 Panelists 45%
  • Undecided: 1 Panelist 3%


Did you wonder how the QT panel were voting before the EU Referendum period kicked in? Wonder no more!

  • Remain: 32 Panelists 63%
  • Leave: 17 Panelists 33%
  • Undecided: 2 Panelists 4%


Much has been written about the left, liberal, pro-EU bias of the BBC and also about the large amounts of money they receive from the EU, but there you have it, the BBC have been stacking the deck against the Leave camp.

Whilst the bias is only slight during the EU Referendum period, the BBC need to stick to their word and make sure this a fair campaign since Dodgy Dave decided to chuck an extra £10million of our money into Remain.

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