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SBC Election Results 2019

Scarborough Borough Council Election Results 2019

The Enquirer hopes to be able to up-date this page ‘on the fly’ as results are declared. (We are given to understand from approximately 11:30am, 3rd May 2019).

This page does not auto-update so readers will need to refresh the page [F5] at regular intervals. Those elected will be shown in bold type.

Burniston & Cloughton (1 seat) –  Turnout 39.44%

Candidate Party Votes
Andrew Backhouse Conservative Party 356 ELECTED
Moira Cunningham Labour Party 182
Beverley Kristensen UK Independence Party 142

Castle (3 seats) – Turnout 29.41%

Candidate Party Votes
Deirdre Abbott UK Independence Party 343
Alex Bailey Labour Party 568 ELECTED
Anthony Gibson Conservative Party 229
Janet Jefferson Independent 997 ELECTED
David King Green Party 432
Carl Maw Labour Party 571 ELECTED

Cayton (2 seats) – Turnout 31.62%

Candidate Party Votes
Colin Barnes Labour Party 435
Simon Green Conservative Party 559 ELECTED
Roberta Swiers Conservative Party 601 ELECTED

Danby & Mulgrave (2 seats) – Turnout 39.25%

Candidate Party Votes
Adrian Clarkson UK Independence Party 246
Amanda Daynes Labour Party 363
Sandra Gibson UK Independence Party 177
Margaret Jackson Green Party 380
Clive Pearson Conservative Party 718 ELECTED
Hero Sumner Independent 305
Marion Watson Conservative Party 593 ELECTED

Derwent Valley & Moor (2 seats) – Turnout 42.24%

Candidate Party Votes
David Billing Labour Party 309
David Jeffels Conservative Party 727 ELECTED
Magnus Johnson Green Party 445
Robert Lockwood Liberal Democrats 339
Heather Phillips Conservative Party 583 ELECTED
Phil Spruce UK Independence Party 236
Frank Wright Independent 246

Eastfield (3 seats) – Turnout 22.82%

Candidate Party Votes
Joanne Maw Labour Party 452 ELECTED
Paul McCann UK Independence Party 307
Theresa Norton Labour Party 410 ELECTED
Tony Randerson Labour Party 616 ELECTED
John White Conservative Party 202

Esk Valley (2 seats) – Turnout 36.30%

Candidate Party Votes
Peter Bolton Labour Party 383
Guy Coulson Conservative Party 813 ELECTED
Philip Michulitis UK Independence Party 233
Phil Trumper Conservative Party 597 ELECTED

Falsgrave & Stepney (3 seats) – Turnout 33.84%

Candidate Party Votes
Alix Bartlett Cook Liberal Democrats
Liz Colling Labour Party 753 ELECTED
Will Forbes Green Party 822 ELECTED
Mark Gordon Labour Party 703
Sean Hunter Independent 321
Sally Anne Longden UK Independence Party 485
Tracey Reeves Conservative Party 252
Colin Relph Independent 466
Neil Robinson Green Party 856 ELECTED
Richard Thompson Conservative Party 247

Filey (3 seats) – Turnout 36.33%

Candidate Party Votes
John Casey Independent 789 ELECTED
Mike Cockerill Independent 855 ELECTED
Bob Colling Labour Party 332
Sam Cross Independent 890 ELECTED
Colin Haddington Independent 553
Jacqui Houlden-Banks Independent 788
Terry Parkinson Conservative Party 212
Janine Robinson UK Independence Party 402

Fylingdales & Ravenscar (1 seat) – Turnout 40.13%

Candidate Party Votes
Keith Jeffery Labour Party 209
Stephen Mayall UK Independence Party 173
Jane Mortimer Conservative Party 365 ELECTED

Hunmanby (2 seats) – Turnout 38.91%

Candidate Party Votes
Godfrey Allanson Conservative Party 421
Michelle Donohue-Moncrieff Independent 972 ELECTED
Paul Riley Independent 801 ELECTED
Tom Seston Conservative Party 160
Martin Whittle Labour Party 158

Mayfield (2 seats) – Turnout 31.22%

Candidate Party Votes
David Chance Conservative Party 416 ELECTED
Gerald Dennett Labour Party 324
Glenn Goodberry Conservative Party 517 ELECTED
Aaron Jones UK Independence Party 237
Asa Jones Labour Party 339

Newby (3 seats) – Turnout 37.82%

Candidate Party Votes
Lynn Bastiman Conservative Party 386
Nick Henderson Independent 541
Neil Heritage UK Independence Party 594 ELECTED
Andrew Jenkinson Conservative Party 464
Helen Kindness Green Party 545
Eileen Murphy Independent 860 ELECTED
Subash Sharma Labour Party 591 ELECTED

Northstead (3 seats) – Turnout 31.88%

Candidate Party Votes
John Atkinson Independent 602 ELECTED
Eric Broadbent Labour Party 624 ELECTED
Norman Murphy Independent 553
Gabrielle Naptali Green Party 313
Yvonne Pattison Labour Party 494
Neil Price Labour Party 423
Guy Smith Independent 616 ELECTED
Martin Smith Conservative Party 315
Tim Thorne UK Independence Party 433

Scalby (2 seats) – Turnout 44.03%

Candidate Party Votes
Derek Bastiman Conservative Party 495 ELECTED
Tina Davy Labour Party 283
Sara Fenander Green Party 424
Mark Harland UK Independence Party 371
Hazel Lynskey Conservative Party 516 ELECTED

Seamer (2 seats) – Turnout 34.26%

Candidate Party Votes
Colin Challen Labour Party 205
Bob Jackman Liberal Democrats 388
Helen Mallory Conservative Party 390 ELECTED
Roxanne Murphy Independent 537 ELECTED
Mark Phillips Conservative Party 193
Zoë Sinclair UK Independence Party 324

Streonshalh (2 seats) – Turnout 26.51%

Candidate Party Votes
Stewart Campbell Labour Party 368 ELECTED
Michael Harrison UK Independence Party 273
Michael Stonehouse Labour Party 377 ELECTED
Sandra Turner Conservative Party 315
Linda Wild Conservative Party 22

Weaponness & Ramshill (3 seats) – Turnout 38.34%

Candidate Party Votes
Stuart Abbott UK Independence Party 395
Charlotte Bonner Green Party 703
Tom Fox Conservative Party 573
Jim Grieve Independent 828 ELECTED
Jennifer Kelly Conservative Party 511
Rich Maw Labour Party 741 ELECTED
Steve Siddons Labour Party 761 ELECTED
Callam Walsh Conservative Party 447
Connor Young Labour Party 590

Whitby West Cliff (2 seats) – Turnout 33.13%

Candidate Party Votes
Alf Abbott Conservative Party 317 ELECTED
Graham Collinson Independent 170
Lee Derrick Yorkshire Party 136
Howard Green Green Party 196
Jonathan Harston Liberal Democrats 195
Ken Hordon UK Independence Party 154
John Nock Conservative Party 254
Sue Tucker Labour Party 323 ELECTED
Mike Ward Independent 229

Woodlands (3 seats) – Turnout 31.42%

Candidate Party Votes
Bill Chatt Independent 690 ELECTED
Gareth Edmunds Conservative Party 282
Phil Kershaw Independent 714 ELECTED
Andy Leak Labour Party 437
Richard Moody Labour Party 432
Chris Phillips Green Party 388
Peter Popple Independent 583 ELECTED
Denise Sangster Labour Party 370
Jack White Conservative Party 203

Overall Turnout – 34.51%


Commentaries, both from regular correspondents and Enquirer readers, will appear over the coming days, in respect of any ‘horse-trading’ (in the event of no political Group achieving a controlling majority) and/or ‘behind the scenes’ Leadership negotiations.

I can also confirm that there are candidates who, should they achieve election, will be the subject of forthcoming Enquirer disclosures.



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