Thursday 22nd February 2024,
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Leeming Bar PSPO: Truckers Knife Crime Victims

Leeming Bar PSPO: Truckers Knife Crime Victims

Guest Author ANDY STRANGEWAY continues to debunk the unenforceable Leeming Bar PSPO.


Leeming Bar  PSPO: Truckers Knife Crime Victims

I am shocked to learn that Leeming Bar Truckers on 27 November became victims of knife crime on Leeming Bar Industrial Estate.

NB: Tutin Road is on Leeming Bar Industrial Estate

The attack happened hours after the Northern Echo reported the delay until January by Hambleton District Council’s Cabinet to consider amending an overnight parking ban at Leeming Bar Industrial Estate.

Please read – Northern Echo report (click on the link to read). 

Hambleton District Council Director Incites Hatred

On 18 November, in Leeming Bar Parking Ban – Bad Cop Director (click on the link to read), I advised that  Steven Lister, Director of Leisure and Communities that he was “clearly inciting hatred against a group of hard-working people”.

I recommend that  Steven Lister, Hambleton District Council and all Councillors now consider their actions in this – or do we have to wait until someone is knifed? 

Moving Forward

Especially given this escalation, Hambleton District Council must not condone or encourage such acts of violence by amending the Leeming Bar overnight parking ban.

Time to get a grip before someone is killed.

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