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Labour: “A Rose by Any Other Name”

Labour: “A Rose by Any Other Name”

Ahead of the 5th May elections for the new unitary North Yorkshire Council, popular Guest Author Alderman Norman Murphy reviews the Labour Party election blurb. [Part 2 to follow]


As many residents will be aware on 5th May, as electors of the Borough of Scarborough, you will be invited to go to the polls to vote into office a new Council.

The establishment of this new Council will gradually bring about the end of all District councils, including Scarborough Borough Council, and North Yorkshire County Council, and by April 2023 both Councils will be completely gone.

The replacement administration will be what is known as a UNITARY COUNCIL and this elected body will take over all the roles and services currently provided by the old Councils.

The UNITARY elections are, therefore, very important to the lives of every resident of North Yorkshire and the millions who visit our beautiful part of the world each year, as the outcome of these elections will dictate, to a large extent, how we are governed in future years.

As usual many varied and diverse individuals will be asking for your vote on 5th May, myself included, and of course prominent in the electoral process will be the two main political parties; Labour and Conservative.

I, of course, am primarily concerned with my political opposition in Scarborough’s NEWBY Division, which is where I intend to stand as an INDEPENDENT.

I was, therefore, particularly interested to read the pamphlet recently sent out by my Labour Party opponent in NEWBY, Subash Sharma, in which he sets out how he, and the local Labour Party, would govern the new UNITARY authority, in the very unlikely event that they might be elected to power.

Now I, no-doubt just like your good selves, have read some pretty shameless political propaganda in my time.

However, I think the garbage put out by the local Labour Group in their election leaflet really takes the biscuit and, therefore, I feel I must robustly challenge what I consider to be the lies and hypocrisy currently being offered to the Borough’s voters.

However, I should like to make it clear that although the focus of my comments centre on the local Labour leaflet distributed in the NEWBY ward, their propaganda seems to be generic and therefore my observations apply equally to all Borough wards where Labour have candidates.

In this regard, my starting point must be the title of Labours leaflet, and it should be noted, as I understand it, the title placed on all local Labour Party propaganda in the forthcoming election, which is; “LABOUR ROSE”.

The irony of this title, no doubt chosen by Labour for the connotation that the aroma from the rose is sweet and pleasant, just as they would have you believe is our local Labour Party, will, I am sure, not be lost on hard-pressed Borough residents.

Most residents of the Borough, I would contend, far from getting the pleasant whiff of roses emanating from our currently Labour-controlled Town Hall, can only detect the strong stench of corruption.

Indeed, it has been repeatedly said that the current leader of the Council Steve (“It’s a Dogs Breakfast”) Siddons, and his Labour Group cronies, have, over the last three years, ruled over the Borough like corrupt Stalinist dictators, hiding as much of their nefarious dealings as possible from hapless residents.

The current Labour administration, many would argue, stinks more like a three-week-old box of kippers rather than the sweet smelling bunch of roses they are trying to stick under the noses of voters.

However, although the title of their propaganda leaflet illustrates, as I see it, the lies and deceit of the local Labour Group, it is perhaps the banner headline of the leaflet that will, no-doubt, have local jaws dropping.


Below “Labour Rose”, Labour declares “SCARBOROUGH FAMILIES HIT HARD BY PRICE HIKES”.

Well, yes; Scarborough families have been “hit hard by price hikes” and the reason they have been “hit hard by price hikes” is because of Labour’s mismanagement of the Borough.

Over the three years that Labour have had control of the Borough, we have seen huge increases in our rates a drastic decline in our services and financial waste on an almost industrial scale.

A situation, which I might add, many believe would have been infinitely worse had Sharma and his loony left pals managed to develop several of the hugely costly schemes they proposed to inflict on the ratepayers.

Sharma, and all other local Labour Party candidates, should not think that voters will have forgiven or forgotten their disgraceful attempts to inflict the monstrous ARGOS scam on ratepayers.

The current Labour administration, would, had they not lost Planning consent, have forced through the ARGOS scam.

Had they been successful, they would undoubtedly have taken out a £30 million loan which they intended would be repaid by us the ratepayers.

However, were they prepared to face the electorate over the ARGOS scam? Not a chance.

When an Old Town residents’ meeting was called to discuss and debate the ARGOS scam, not one Labour member had the guts to turn up at the meeting.

Scarborough families, indeed families all over the Borough, are currently suffering price hikes precisely because of reckless local Labour Party decision making and their loony left policies.

As you will no doubt have gattered, therefore, just from my initial review of Labour’s propaganda contained in this brief article, my view is that the current Labour administration is a total shambles built on lies, hierocracy and gutless cowardice.

And there are, I believe, many more claims made by Siddons and his Labour Group cronies in their election propaganda which demand the further scrutiny I intend to give them.

Indeed, I have by no means finished with analysing the contents of Labour’s election leaflet and will, I can assure our Labour Party candidates, be returning to scrutinise their claims in more detail in future articles.

I could not, however, leave this current article without making reference to one particular NEWBY-specific headline contained within Sharma’s leaflet in which he states that he has been “WORKING FOR YOU AND WITH YOU IN NEWBY”.

Well, Sharma, me old mate, I have to tell you that the feedback I am getting from my fellow residents in NEWBY is that you are, and I quote a resident “a useless tool and that the sooner you, and your gormless Labour cronies are gone, the better.”

Indeed, what I am consistently hearing from residents is that, as far as they can see, the only people the local Labour Party have been working for since they took power is themselves.

Luxury villas in TUSCANY do not, as they say, build, or fund, themselves.


Nonetheless, here in NEWBY my tireless work goes on, and, as they say in the movies, watch this space as this story is “To be continued”!!!

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