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£1M S.I.V. Council Bail-Out

August 13, 2019 Misc

£1M S.I.V. Council Bail-Out

According to a report on p.6 of yesterday’s Yorkshire Post, Sheffield International Ventures (S.I.V.) – whose involvement with Scarborough Borough Council includes operation of the Scarborough Spa and the Whitby Pavilion complexes – has been bailed out of financial difficulties by Sheffield City Council to the tune of £1 million.

Inevitably, this will give rise to speculation about the future of S.I.V’s arrangements with the Borough, going forward.

Readers may wish to enquire of their “open and transparent” ward Councillors:

  • What’s the story?

Readers may, if they wish, enquire of their “open and transparent” ward Councillors:

  • Is it true, as reported to the Enquirer, that Cuffe & Taylor will be pulling out of the Open Air Theatre next year?

If all else fails, perhaps our “open and transparent” Leader will offer a statement?

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