Wednesday 24th April 2024,
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Another £11K down the OAT Plug-Hole

Another £11K down the OAT Plug-Hole

  • an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, unearthing more expenditure omitted from SBC claims that only(!) £107K was spent on the OAT, an alleged ‘saving’ of £25K on the budgeted £132K.


Further to ALI WILKINS’ recent disclosure “OAT: Number-Juggling”, and my own article “OAT: The ‘Unmentionable’ Quarter-Million”, and with the benefit of BOB ROBERTS’ revelations concerning use of the corporate credit card “CEO’s Weekend in Paris?”, I am now in a position to show another £11.082.16 spend on ad hoc expenses via another SBC Corporate Procurement credit card – on top of the £240,942.53 listed in the SBC Open Data – bringing the total OAT “operating costs” spend to a whopping £252,024.69:


Perhaps SBC Leader Councillor Derek BASTIMAN [Con.] can explain to us why Mr Nick EDWARDS (Director of Finance) has made a statement to the press (YCR) that is vastly misleading?

“The “cost of operation” of the venue, was reduced by £25,000 as income exceeded expectations by £73,000, which reduced costs from £132,000.”

Then again, perhaps he cannot . . .

And another thing – how is that neither the local rag nor the elected Councillors are picking up and publicising this rank dishonesty, revealed by figures disclosed on the Council’s own website? Does no-one ever check the facts?

For what purpose do we have an Overview & Scrutiny Board (OSB) if not to expose the dishonesty of Council’s Officers? Or are the O&SB members provided with cards of their own?

You tell me, Derek. I am all ears.

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