Friday 19th July 2024,
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CEO’s Weekend in Paris?

CEO’s Weekend in Paris?

Following recent articles (here and here) concerning hitherto undisclosed “operational costs” paid out by Scarborough Borough Council under the heading ‘Open Air Theatre’, Guest Author BOB ROBERTS has been trawling the SBC website for other gems of non-disclosure. Bon appetit!


During the last weekend in July – Saturday through Monday morning 28th-30th July – someone with an SBC corporate credit card was in Paris . . . spending the taxpayer’s money.

The following data, extracted from the SBC List of Procurement Card Transactions on the Council website, seems to relate to a weekend away exploring the delights of the Champs-Élyssée and Montmartre – the hot spots and flesh pots of le gai Paree.

Ooh la la!

Download the PDF file SBC_PARIS_CARD_SPEND.

The images above and below this article will give readers an impression of the bar, bistro, club, restaurant and hotel on the itinerary.

Transport costs for the Scarborough/Paris return journey are not included in this section of the website. The £191.30 on the card would appear to account only for out-of-pocket expenses with receipts. Jollies.

Fancy a fancy weekend, folks?

It would be interesting to know how the people of the Borough of Scarborough can have benefited from this little sortie.

Answers on a postcard, s’il vous plaît.

For sure, there are many individuals or families who would appreciate being provided with a corporate card to underwrite a spree in Paris. On another note, whilst working for Shell, BP, Tullow, British Gas, Global Crossing amongst many others, I was never provided with a card. I always paid up front with my own money and claimed it back later, thus giving the employers the opportunity to deny me unexplained or over the top expenses.

But what checks and balances does SBC have in place? Just spend whatever you like?

Is it, in fact, the Chief Exec’s card – or is he free to loan it out to fellow Directors, Mr Edwards, Mr Bradley or Mrs Dixon?

I think we should be told.

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