Monday 22nd July 2024,
North Yorks Enquirer

Tory Candidate: “Psycho Bitchy Rant”

Toryboy Tom Seston, Conservative candidate for Hunmanby ward in the Scarborough Borough Council elections on May 2nd, has again courted controversy. Seston stated a fellow candidate, Michelle Donohue-Moncrieff, who has a recent history of mental health issues, engaged in a “psycho bitchy rant”.

Seston’s outburst comes on the back of describing Peter Sutcliffe as a “fantastic lorry driver”.

That won’t endear Seston, nor his Tory running mate Allanson, to 51% of potential voters in Hunmanby ward.

In recent days candidates from other parties have been removed for such statements as:

When I hear that 70% of pick pockets caught on the London Underground are Romanian it kind makes me want Brexit.

I put this down to being chased through Amsterdam by a crazy black whore.

Given that misogyny is now a Hate Crime according North Yorkshire Police, will the Scarborough & Whitby Tories wield the axe, remove the whip from their fearless whippersnapper before he comes before the beak?

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