Monday 20th May 2024,
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SBC to seek YCBID co-operation

SBC to seek YCBID co-operation



Those who keep an eye on the Scarborough Borough Council Meetings calendar will perhaps already be aware that a Special Meeting of the Overview & Scrutiny Board has been scheduled for Wednesday 11th November 2020, at 2:30pm.

The law requires that the Agenda for all Meetings must be published five clear days ahead of the apponted day. Since Saturdays and Sundays (and Christmas Day, Boxing and Bank Holidays) do not count as ‘clear days (and neither does the day of publication or the day of the Meeting), we can expect and Agenda to be published not later than Wednesday 4th November 2020.

However, I can now confirm that the single Agenda Item upon which the Special Meeting is predicated will be as follows:

Readers may remember that Levy Invoices for the 2020/21 BID year were issued a couple of months ago – and have largely been ignored.



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