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This is the latest in a very popular series of articles on the North Yorkshire Police (NYP) betraying the public confidence and blatantly flouting the COVID regulations, while enforcing them on other people.

Following on from the NYE’s appeal for information on Police Officers breaching the regulations, we can announce that one reader has come up with a photograph of two Officers unmasked in public and is to receive a £25.00 reward. Tim Hicks reports on this innovative development in crime journalism.

Non Essential Journeys #26:




Regular readers will know that the NYE has offered a reward of £25.00 for photographs of Police Officers in North Yorkshire breaching the regulations. The first one has now come in and it is a corker!

It apparently shows two of North Yorkshire’s finest unmasked. It also shows them fast asleep while they should be on duty. It must be a concern that they were unfit for duty and represent a danger to the public if one of them should fall asleep at the wheel.

I have asked for a comment from Chief Constable Winward and the Officers concerned, but none has been forthcoming. Should I receive one, I will of course publish it.

Both Officers are now the subject of a complaint and I will report back on the Chief Constable’s response in due course.

Understandably our correspondent wishes to remain anonymous to avoid reprisals from North Yorkshire Police. However, I am delighted to announce that a reward of £25.00 will be arranged in the near future.

Breaches of the Lockdown Regulations by Police Officers in North Yorkshire

This is one of a series of breaches of the regulations Police Officers in North Yorkshire which are summarised below:

  • Three Officers from Cleveland Police visited Whitby, parked up on the Fish Pier and were all seen having a wonderful time sitting on the same bench in the sun, feasting on fish and chips in full view of the public.
  • One of our readers recently photographed two Officers from North Yorkshire Police (NYP) in York who were openly wandering around without masks and ignoring social distancing at the Clifton Moor shopping centre, York.
  • Chief Constable Winward undertook a visit to Skipton Police Station, thereby risking spreading the virus from Skipton into Force Headquarters.
  • Deputy Chief Constable (DCC) Phil Cain visited Scarborough Police Station, thereby risking spreading the virus from Scarborough Police Station into Force Headquarters. While he was there he posed for photographs with a long serving Officer without masking up or observing social distancing.
  • This video by a YouTube blogger shows masked and unmasked staff sharing an office at NYP Force Headquarters at 2.00. At 3.09 it shows an Inspector and two Constables not maintaining social distancing inside force headquarters, one of whom is not masked.
  • This video by a YouTube Blogger was taken at Fulford Road Police Station, York. At 3.22 a member of Police staff is shown in a room with another member of Police staff unmasked. He is maintaining the two metre social distance. It is unclear which desk is his, or if it is within two metres of the masked member of Police staff. However a third member of Police staff (female) who is masked is seen moving through the office. It is unclear if she is within two metres of him, but this would indicate that he should have been masked. At 8.22 PC Moseley is seen unmasked when his colleagues are masked and he is within two metres of a female colleague.

I would emphasise that it even if a breach of the regulations has not occurred, it is the breach of the spirit of the regulations, failure to set an appropriate example and to maintain public trust that is just as important.


These incidents now involve Chief and Senior Police Officers, and have occurred openly at Force Headquarters, in public and at Fulford Road, Scarborough and Skipton Police Stations. Despite being exposed in the local and national media, no action has been taken to censure the Officers that indulged in this conduct.

No other Force that I am aware of has had so many incidents. The concern must be that North Yorkshire Police, as a Force, is routinely ignoring the Coronavirus guidance because individual Officers are confident they will be protected from any consequences for breaching the regulations and these practices are as a result standard within every Police Station in North Yorkshire. This publicly undermines public confidence in the Police service and the efforts of those Officers that set an appropriate example and maintain public safety.

I have now submitted a complaint in respect of all of these incidents to Chief Constable Winward and await her response.

In summary, the Chief Constable, Deputy Chief Constable, Gold Commander for NYP’s response to the Coronavirus emergency, four inspectors, two sergeants, three motorcycle Policemen from Cleveland Police, the two Officers shown above, the two Clifton Moor Policemen, and Police Officers at Force Headquarters, Scarborough and Fulford Road Police Station are now the subject of complaints. I have also asked that the Chief Constable, Deputy Chief Constable and the Inspector commanding Scarborough Police Station receive a £10,000 fine for organising a large gathering inside Scarborough Police Station, namely a presentation to Ms Win Almond for completing fifty years’ service.

Coming Next

In my next article, I will bring our readers up to date with the complaints I have made about Police Officers that are alleged to have breached the COVID-19 regulations.

NYE Appeal for Information

If you become aware of a public figure or Police Officer breaching the lockdown regulations, please photograph or video him/her and make a note of the:

  • Date.
  • Time.
  • Location.
  • Registration no of their vehicle.
  • If possible their rank and Police collar numbers.
  • Other circumstances. e mail. The NYE will pay a reward for these photographs in accordance with standard journalistic practice.

Constables and Sergeants: £25.00

Inspectors and above: £50.00

Deputy Chief Constable Cain and Superintendent Walker: £75.00

Chief Constable Winward £100.00

Right of Reply

If you are mentioned in this article and do not agree with the views expressed in it, or if you wish to correct any factual inaccuracy, please let me know using the e mail address and your views and a correction will be published if appropriate.

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