Sunday 16th June 2024,
North Yorks Enquirer

Tory PCC Mulligan Taxes The Middle Class

As most taxpayer’s know, whatever government is in 10 Downing Street, be it Tory or Labour, they always look to implement stealth taxes to get their grubby hands on more of your money to fritter away.

Case in point, Theresa May’s Conservative Government has agreed to a settlement to the Police budget which will be larger than the standard Council Tax 2% rise. How will they get that money without the taxpayer noticing?

Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire’s Conservative Police & Crime Commissioner, has helpfully detailed how she will raise the extra money required for the Police budget in her Mid Term Financial Plan.

In 2019/20, there will be a £12 or 5.15% precept increase on Band D properties. The Tories have decided to impose another stealth tax on their core voters, people who work for a living and the affluent retired.

The Conservatives are pilfering Labour’s “Tax The Rich!” policies, adding a twist and recycling the policies as their own. If the Tories keep moving to the left, they’ll recognise the Palestinian State before the 2022 General Election.

If you’re unhappy with the Tory PCC’s plans, you can always contact her here.

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