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SBC 2022: Apocalypse Now!

SBC 2022: Apocalypse Now!

Guest Author NORMAN MURPHY offers his views on the death throes of Scarborough Borough Council and the financial prospects going forward.


As we begin the third year of the Steve (“It’s a dog’s breakfast”) Siddons’ dictatorial rule over the “little people”, the question which repeatedly keeps being asked is how is this totally incompetent, money-grabbing joke of a leader still in power?

How, it is asked, can a leader who obviously has no leadership skills whatsoever, who has betrayed the electorate over and over again and consistently shows residents nothing but contempt, been allowed to remain in office?

Indeed, how, many contemplate, can arguably the worst leader that Scarborough Council has ever had, with only twelve Labour members to support him, been able to inflict on residents schemes such as the ARGOS scam which, if Siddons has his way, will see the Council borrow £30 million to build Coventry University a block of bedsits, lasted as long as he has?

Well, the answer, I am embarrassed to say, is because Siddons has the support of Janet Jefferson and her six-member weak INDEPENDENT GROUP

Councillor Janet Jefferson

Jefferson’s six votes and his own twelve Labour members gives Siddons jbarely enough support to remain in power.

Siddons and his cronies have been allowed to run the Council, essentially for their own benefit, because the INDEPENDENT GROUP has allowed them basically to do as they please.

However, the question must be asked, as we come to the inevitable end of the Siddons’ tyranny, will the slavish dedication shown by Jefferson and her INDEPENDENT GROUP members be suitably rewarded by Siddons?

Sadly, my guess is that the answer to this question will be a most definite NO.

In May 2022, just a few short months away, elections will be held for the new Unitary Authority and once the new Council is in place, Siddons’ power evaporates.

However, I very much suspect that the loss of power will not in any way bother our Italian-loving champagne socialist Labour leader Siddons.

Steve (“It’s a dog’s breakfast”) Siddons will, I anticipate by May, be many miles away from Scarborough, leaving Jefferson and her INDEPENDENT GROUP the mugs to face the electorate’s verdict on the disastrous administration they have been propping up.

Jefferson and her INDEPENDENT GROUP members have, I would contend, been taken for the proverbial ride. They have collectively been used and manipulated by Siddons and will ultimately, as soon as their services are no longer required, be dumped like the plague.

While Siddons steps smartly to one side, probably on the first flight to Tuscany in May, Jefferson and the other INDEPENDENT GROUP chumps will be left to carry the can.

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