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Open Letter to Cllr Derek Bastiman

January 24, 2015 Letters

An open letter to Councillor Derek Bastiman, portfolio holder for Strategic Planning and Regeneration at Scarborough Borough Council from Patricia David, Co-ordinator of the Save the Futurist Campaign.

Dear Cllr. Bastiman,

We have now heard that the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) are prepared to sell their land adjacent to the Futurist back to the Council.

In the event that you may not be aware of this, the HCA recently sold their asset in Bradford, a derelict building standing empty and untouched for years, which, like the Futurist, was inherited from Yorkshire Forward and known as the Bradford Odeon, back to the Council for £1.

This enabled the Council in turn to hand it over to a Campaign Group so that they could raise funds and develop it, having a well-known TV restoration adviser involved.

Scarborough is in a comparable position with a Campaign Group, with a well advanced Design, Business and Fund Raising Plan with the Futurist Building, together with the accompanying HCA owned land.

The Group would like the opportunity to make a professional presentation of this to the Council to demonstrate this plan to them and the opportunity it presents on two levels. 

Firstly, there is absolutely no need for any demolition, with its associated costs and inconvenience to the public to buildings or land.

Secondly, the design fulfils all the Government requirements for community involvement and ultimate use, culture, heritage and entertainment and tourism, together with business opportunities to contribute to the business economy of the town and the running of the entire finished centre.

Cross subsidisation is a fundamental principle underpinning the economic plan for the continued commercial viability of the enterprise. In addition, the problem of the covenant is resolved, because we can embrace it into the total finished plan.

We will be hoping to make a similar public presentation. 

Please remember that a petition was handed to the Council in May 2014 with 6,600 signatures, together with a second petition “My Theatre Matters” which was handed to the Council Leader in November 2013. 

The people of Scarborough have very strong feelings about the future of this building, and deserve to be informed and involved in its future potential. Our Business Plan includes this intention.

The Design and Business Plan have been drawn up by professionals in their field, with structural and theatre renovation research carried out by equally qualified and world-known professionals.

Equally experts in the field of theatre and entertainment have been consulted and have expressed interest in being involved in a restored and renovated theatre, which will be a central cost and profit part of the whole large completed enterprise.

Finally, York Council have recently sold for £1 The Theatre Royal, in the City Centre, to a group to raise funds and run it and develop its full future potential.

We look forward to hearing your comments on this proposal and the opportunity to present it to all Councillors. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Patricia David
Save the Futurist Campaign


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