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SBC/STDB: Negligence, Incompetence and Lies? – Pt.1

SBC/STDB: Negligence, Incompetence and Lies? – Pt.1

An Open Letter to Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) and the Scarborough Town Deal Board (STDB), signed by well over 100 members of the South Bay community (comprising residents, Harbour users (commercial and leisure), and retailers (shops, hospitality, accommodation), has been published today and addressed to to the Scarborough Town Deal Board, Scarborough Borough Council (Officers and Councillors), the entire business community of Scarborough seafront and Harbour (the Bottom End), the entire business community of Scarborough Town Centre and Scarborough residents as a whole. (see the unredacted Open Letter, below this introduction – or download here).

It is important to note that the Scarborough Town Deal Board (STDB) is NOT a democratically elected body; it comprises carefully selected ‘dignitaries’ and ‘luminaries’, predominantly from outside of the Borough, who have scant knowledge of the Harbour or the Town Centre and appear to have been ‘hood-winked’ by SBC Officers.

The eight-page Open Letter expresses, in a clinically well-argued and appropriately documented manner, the signatories’ collective sense of outright betrayal and sets out damning allegations which include:

  • that SBC has attempted to monetize the West Pier in direct competition with, and to the detriment of, community stakeholders;
  • that SBC has deliberately concealed the Town Deal West Pier Business Plan from stakeholders to prevent democratic scrutiny;
  • that SBC has deliberately skimped on public consultations to stifle criticism and isolate anyone opposing the proposals.

This Open Letter forms the Part One of a series of publications mounting a pre-legal challenge unprecedented in local government history.

Part Two will appear in a few days time, with further revelations to follow.

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Open Letter


Download the PDF file OPEN_LETTER_310522.

Open Letter Signatories


Download the PDF file OPEN_LETTER_Signatories.

Open Letter Summary/Synopsis


Download the PDF file OPEN_LETTER_Summary.

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