Monday 20th May 2024,
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Spot The Difference #1 Scarborough UTC

Featuring in our very first Spot The Difference competition is Peter Wilkinson. Peter is a director of Scarborough UTC Limited, which is the company formed to deliver Scarborough’s new University Technical College (UTC). Partners in the UTC are the University of Hull, McCain, Unison and Scarborough Borough Council.

Peter is the current ‘Business Person of the Year‘ as awarded by the ‘Scarborough Business Awards‘ and is also the ‘driving force’ behind Scarborough Engineering Week.

The sponsors on the pictured Formula 4 racing car are interesting. HSBC, currently under investigation for money laundering for their wealthy clients. WorldCom, who were found to have overstated their accounts to inflate their stock price, which led to a $54billion bankruptcy, which was the largest bankruptcy pre 2008. And Ford, who’ve recently moved their Transit Van engineering out of the UK/EU to Turkey.

As an aside to this, Scarborough UTC Limited are in receipt of £300,000 from the Department for Education to commence the building the UTC. An FOI request was made to Scarborough Borough Council to ascertain how this money was spent, but as with all recent FOI requests, SBC refused the request because it was sent by someone associated with the North Yorks Enquirer.

Anyway, on with the competition!


Taken from the Wayback Machine.


Taken from Unison Ltd.

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