Wednesday 28th February 2024,
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Private Eye slams Scarred Borough Council – again!

Private Eye slams Scarred Borough Council – again!

More dirty tricks in North Yorkshire. Just when you thought that Scarborough Borough Council could sink no lower, the worst Council in the country has now excelled itself by progressing a totally false allegation levelled at Real Whitby contributor Nigel WARD. And by a curious quirk of circumstance, this comes as an apparent ‘return of service’ after Real Whitby published “The Genie is out of the Bottle” in mid-March 2014, an article containing excerpts from an apparently fraudulent 1996 benefit claim by a couple of serving Councillors, the documentation of which was widely circulated in late February 2014, seemingly by an SBC insider.

And who do you suppose was behind this latest libellous attack? Could it have been the outed 1996 fraudsters? Could it be someone who is in no hurry to revisit Burlingame, California?

SBC’s Director of Legal & Democratic Services Lisa DIXON (an Eye regular) is, of course, studiously ignoring all attempts to clarify the matter.

Enjoy the growing  “PRIVATE EYE” Collection, here.

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