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Jane Kenyon And The Forged Signature – Who Done It ??

“The Tip of the Iceberg”

  • an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD



Let us begin by being absolutely clear about something important.

The information that I have outlined in my articles about Councillor Jane Margaret KENYON’s conduct in respect of her Register of Interests and her participation in certain Limited Companies was already available, in the public domain.

If there are allegations there, they arise logically and inescapably from information on the public record.

If Councillor KENYON and/or Councillor MILLER wish to refute them, they must challenge the public record – the Registers of Interests, the Freedom of Information responses, the accounts and other documents at Companies House, and Ms KENYON’s own statements, as provided by her to (and recorded by) NYCC Monitoring Officer Carole DUNN.

Let me remind you exactly what it is that the public record has exposed in respect of Councillor KENYON.

According to the public record, she has

  • been serially dishonest with the electorate, and consistently misled the public for thirty years,
  • made false entries in official documents,
  • made false declarations in her Register of Interests,
  • concealed wrong-doing by a fellow elected member (life-partner Councillor ‘Bill’ MILLER),
  • abused her position as Chair of the North Yorkshire Police Authority meeting by evicting a member of the public who challenged the integrity of her position,
  • knowingly misled or coerced Council Monitoring Officers into misleading the public,
  • gained advantage from failing to declare trading with the Authority via a Limited Company – Dales Timber Limited (DTL)– of which she was Company Secretary, and on which (separately declarable) her life-partner Councillor ‘Bill’ MILLER was a Director – an Authority on which she sat as an elected member, thereby abusing the public trust
  • took an instrumental part in transferring control of the Whitby Regatta from a local, voluntary and charitable basis to a  Limited Company controlled by Councillor KENYON and six other people, and failed to declare that interest.

I have offered opportunities to Councillor KENYON, to the Councils, to the NYPA, to the Co-Chairs of the Conservative Party (Councillor KENYON is, of course, a Conservative) and to my Member of Parliament Robert Goodwill MP (Scarborough & Whitby, Con.) to offer a response to the circumstances that I have outlined, and there has been none. No denial. No explanation. No apology. No resignation. NOTHING.

As if that were not damning enough . . .

I can now reveal that the public record also shows that Councillor KENYON has now published her Register of Interests on the NYCC website (just like every other elected member, finally) and she has acknowledged that she had resigned from her position as Company Secretary of Dales Timber Limited  (DTL) – thereby tacitly confirming that she was, until then, the Company Secretary and that she unlawfully withheld this information from the Register of Interests at the time.

At that time, DTL enjoyed a trading relationship with Authorities on which both she and her life-partner Councillor ‘Bill’ MILLER (a Director of DTL) were elected members – and that both she and he remain, to this day, Officers of the bankrupt US Corporation, Belvedere Computers Incorporated, BCI. In short, they are both apparently continuing to withhold information that is required by law.

And now for the bombshell . . .

As long ago as 25th June 2007, a member of the public, David CLARK, raised the issue of Councillor Jane Margaret KENYON and her apparent non-declaration of her Company Secretaryship in Dales Timber Limited – DTL – (Reg.No. 05467739), that had traded with NYCC, NYMNPA and Ryedale District Council, the first two of which being Authorities on which both she and Councillor MILLER sat as elected members. David CLARK is the man who Councillor KENYON ordered removed from the NYPA meeting on 26th March 2012, by ranking police officers, abusing her position as Chair of the NYPA in the process.

As we already know (see last article), in her response to David CLARK, NYCC Monitoring Officer Carole DUNN, in a letter dated 1st August 2007, stated (incredibly) that Councillor Jane Margaret KENYON was ‘unaware’ of her apparent Company Secretaryship in DTL.

It now transpires that, in a letter from the North Yorkshire Moors National Park Authority dated 8th August 2011, a complaint to the NYMNPA Standards Committee by David CLARK regarding Councillor KENYON’s undeclared Company Secretaryship in DTL, was dismissed on the grounds that “there was no evidence that the member [Councillor KENYON] signed the Companies House form”

In fact, it goes on to state, “members noted that the signature on the Companies House form did not closely resemble other examples of the subject Member’s [Councillor KENYON’s] signature”


NYPA claim that the signature on Councillor KENYON’s Company Secretaryship documents lodged with Companies House was NOT HERS!

The signature on the document is in the name of Ms Kenyon, but NYMNPA allege that it is NOT her signature! The only possible implication is that the signature must be a forgery.

Let me state that again.

The NYMNPA Standards Sub-Committee determined, nearly one year ago, that THE SIGNATURE IS A FORGERY!

Forgery is a very serious crime. Who committed it?

In my view, it can only have been one or other of the Directors of DTL – ‘Bill’ MILLER, or his son Jeremy Peter MILLER – or, just conceivably, the Company Solicitor.

The ‘Jane M. KENYON’ signature, alleged by NYMNPA to be a FORGERY, on the document (CH 288b) confirming Councillor KENYON’s appointment as Company Secretary is dated 5th October 2006, and is counter-signed by ‘T W Miller’.

Did Councillor Bill MILLER forge Councillor Jane KENYON’s signature?

You may think that a rather pertinent question. Me Too!

And what about this question:

Is it conceivable that Councillor Jane KKENYON herself signed the document with a misrepresentation of her normal signature, and with the pre-meditated purpose of being later able to deny having signed it, should her non-declaration ever be challenged?

Moving on:

Councillor KENYON, remember, has claimed that she was ‘unaware’ that she was Company Secretary of DTL.

I wonder who, if not the Company Secretary – if NOT Councillor Jane KENYON – signed off the DTL accounts at the financial year-end in April 2007 – bang in the middle of the period for which she was registered as Company Secretary at DTL?

At each financial year-end, DTL must have received an annual return from Companies House, confirming the names of the Directors and the Company Secretary, and the accounts must have had to be signed off by the Company Secretary. Who signed them? (Bill MILLER’s son, Mr Jeremy Peter MILLER, assumed the Secretaryship after Councillor Kenyon was ‘removed’ on 31st July 2007).

I say ‘removed’ because the document terminating Councillor KENYON’s ostensive Company Secretaryship in DTL (CH 288b), dated 31st July 2008, bears only one signature – that of Bill MILLER.

But wait a minute:

According to NYCC Monitoring Officer Carole DUNN, Councillor KENYON amended her Register of Interests on 31st July 2007, “to include reference to her position as Company Secretary for Dales Timber Ltd”.

Carole DUNN goes on to state, On 7th August 2007 the amendment by Councillor Kenyon indicated ‘with effect from 31st July 2007 I ceased to be Company Secretary for Dales Timber Ltd.’”.

In short, first she was, then she wasn’t Company Secretary on 31st July 2007!

I leave the reader to imagine the desperate exchanges in the KENYON/MILLER household on the night of 6th August 2007!

So it appears, then, that on the one hand, Councillor KKENYON has acknowledged, in her NYCC Register of Interests in July/August 2007, she was, in fact, Company Secretary of Dales Timber Limited, yet on the other hand, she denied her position as Company Secretary (at the NYMNPA Standards investigation in July 2011), on the basis of an allegation of criminal forgery that can only have been perpetrated by one or another of the Officers of the a family-run Limited Company of which Councillor KENYON was Company Secretary! And Councillor MILLER counter-signed that Companies House document – presumably having failed to notice that the signature of his life-partner of thirty-odd years had been forged? Do be brief!

Like the old song says: “Is you is or is you ain’t my baby”, Jane KENYON?

I have asked Carole DUNN to confirm what steps have been taken, given Councillor Jane KENYON’s claim to be ‘unaware’ that she was registered as Company Secretary of Dales Timber Limited (because it was not her signature), to inform the police that there was prima facie evidence of forgery?

I look forward to Carole DUNN’s explanation of this and of the other blatant and ridiculous inconsistencies in the story told in the public record by Councillor KENYON.

Whatever the truth of all this, what is crystal clear is that Councillor Jane Margaret KENYON, as an Officer of a Company trading with Authorities on which she sat, has wittingly failed to declare that fact, as well as wittingly failing to declare the fact that her life-partner Councillor Bill MILLER was also an Officer of a Limited Company trading with the Authority, and, further, alleges that the same Company is involved in a forgery of legal documents that Councillor MILLER counter-signed and submitted to Companies House – and has now subsequently confirmed this earlier claim to be a falsehood – is manifestly unfit for public office.

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.

But it gets worse. Really. Much worse.

I have recently received the Register of Interests for the NYMNPA for Councillor KENYON and Councillor MILLER, and very interesting reading they make.

One of Councillor KENYON’s entries in the Register of Interests is not even from the North York Moors National Park Authority at all, but is an unsigned and undated extract from her NYCC Register of Interests, and therefore worthless.

According to Companies House, Councillor KENYON was Company Secretary of DTL from the 5th of October 2006 until the 31st of July 2007, but nowhere has this been declared to the NYMNPA. And her this-year’s Directorships of the Association of Police Authorities Limited (significantly, she resigned just recently) and Whitby Regatta Limited are not declared anywhere, either – though she does still described herself as ‘President’ of Whitby Regatta – which she still describes as a charity (though it is not listed as such with the Charities Commission).

How can a person involved in dishonesty, subterfuge and forgery be fit to be ‘President’ of Whitby’s best-loved social institution, which she has falsely declared to be a Charity, when, in fact, it is now a Limited Company largely under her personal control? How can such a person have any place at all in public life?

Nowhere on the NYMNPA Register of Interests has Councillor KENYON declared her life-partner Councillor Miller’s Directorship in DTL, or indeed any of his other Directorships of that time – Captain James Cook RN Charity Trust Whitby Limited, Landscape Design and Construction Limited, UK Fencing Solutions Limited, Fencing Solutions Northern Limited, Scarborough Waste Limited).

Why not?

Nowhere on the NYMNPA Register of Interests have KENYON or MILLER recorded their continuing interest in Belvedere Computers Inc (BCI). Kenyon does declare an interest in “Linglands Farm – Specialist Recycling” (LFSR), a commercial enterprise owned by Councillor MILLER (oh, yes; he is still a Councillor – and Chair of Newby & Scalby Parish Council). LFSR is not a Limited Company and, according to the declaration requirements of the NYMNPA, to require declaration, it must be active in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. What is that all about? Is it another example of an enterprise that trades covertly with the NYMNPA? Will someone enlighten us, please?

And finally, to top it all off: I am now told by NYCC’s Carole DUNN that North Yorkshire Police are at last to consider matters relating to suspected fraud and forgery in the NYCC Extended Schools “Me Too!” voucher scheme abuses – abuses that I (and others) have been raising for over a year, now. And to which I will return, in depth, in the weeks to come.

Although I am generally pleased to hear it, the reputation for corruption within North Yorkshire Police compels me to state that I would have far greater confidence in the possibility of an impartial and effective investigation were it to be referred to an independent force, geographically far removed from the KENYON sphere of influence.

I would conclude by pointing out that the evidence I have so far reproduced, from the public record, amounts to only a small part, a tiny fraction, of the material that has now been assembled. There is no doubt in my mind that, barring an immense and implausible ‘cover-up’, Jane KENYON’s tenure in public life is drawing to a close. Amen to that.

The question is, who will accompany her down the road to ignominy and disgrace?


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