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HUME calls for ALLOTT’s resignation

HUME calls for ALLOTT’s resignation

Alison HUME, the unsuccessful Labour candidate in the May 2021 election for the position of Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, has reacted to her Conservative victor’s universally-criticised comments to the effect that murder victim Sarah EVERARD should not have “submiitted” to unlawful arrest by her killer, serving Metropolitan Police Officer Wayne COUZENS.

Ms HUME demands the immediate resignation of Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, Philip ALLOTT.

Here follows Ms HUME’s Press Release.

Press Release

Alison Hume, Labour PFCC Candidate, 2021 

October 1, 2021


Former Labour PFCC Candidate Calls For Philip Allott To Resign With Immediate Effect

Alison Hume, Labour’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner candidate in May 2021 for North Yorkshire is calling on the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire to step down with immediate effect.

“The victim blaming comments made today by Philip Allott about Sarah Everard and women generally are both shocking and offensive,” said Ms Hume.

“His cruel observation that Sarah should not have “submitted” to the arrest by a police officer made the hairs stand up on my neck. Who wouldn’t have done what they were told when shown a valid warrant card by a serving police officer? Sarah Everard did what any law abiding citizen would have done. It is beyond belief that Mr Allott would suggest anything to the contrary.”

Ms Hume added, “No-one who read the heart rending victim impact statement by Sarah Everard’s mother when she describes shouting out at the same time of the evening when her precious daughter was abducted, “Don’t get in the car Sarah!”, will ever forget it, and certainly no-one will ever forget Sarah Everard. The fact that Sarah came from the area Mr Allott was elected to represent make his comments even more grotesque.”

Ms Hume went on to say;

“Women have lost faith in the police. The vast majority of survivors of sexual violence and assault never report to police, and it’s not hard to understand why. The charge rate for domestic abuse related crime in North Yorkshire in 2019-20 was just 4%, compared to 9% in England and Wales as a whole. Mr Allott already had a huge job on his hands when he was elected, and it is clear from today that he simply isn’t up to it. Violence against women and girls is at epidemic proportions in York and North Yorkshire. How can Mr Allott hold the police force to account on our behalf with views which suggest women are somehow responsible for what happens to us at the hands of violent men? His hurried apology is simply not enough. I call on Philip Allott to resign with immediate effect.”

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