Wednesday 22nd May 2024,
North Yorks Enquirer

Happy New Year to the Borough

Happy New Year to the Borough

  • an “In My View” report by NIGEL WARD, wishing members and residents best wishes for the year(s) ahead.


Earlier today, I attended the scheduled meeting of the Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet, in company with campaigner and former ERYC Councillor Andy STRANGEWAY, former SBC Councillor Norman MURPHY, North Yorks Enquirer editor Tim THORNE, Leader of the SBC Independent Group Councillor Sam CROSS, Leader of the SBC Cluster of Independent Members Councillor Bill CHATT and Councillor John CASEY [Ind.].

I was provided with a copy of a Requisition calling for a Vote of NO CONFIDENCE in SBC Leader Councillor Steve SIDDONS [Lab.], reproduced below (naturally, with Councillors’ individual signatures redacted).

For clarity, the signatories are:

  • Councillor Bill CHATT [CIM] – Proposer
  • Councillor Heather PHILLIPS [Con.] – Seconder
  • Councillor Sam CROSS [Ind.]
  • Councillor Alf ABBOTT [Con.]
  • Councillor John CASEY [Ind.]

This would appear to demonstrate that the fragile alliance between Councillor SIDDONS’ Labour Group and the Independent Group has run its course.

Now that we have an active and proper Chief Executive Officer in place, it can reasonably be anticipated that the Vote will take place early in the New Year, in time for the conclusion of the pantomime season.

With acknowledgements to the famous phrase of Brian HANRAHAN, the BBC journalist whose reportage of the Falklands War gripped the nation. I can confirm that:

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