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Guido Fawkes on Whitby (?) Candidate

May 24, 2024 Whitby Town

Guido Fawkes on Whitby (?) Candidate

Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

The Guido Fawkes website ( has unearthed a spot of Labour/ex-Labour hilarity in various forthcoming elections. Former Labour stalwart Asa JONES – the recently-resigned member of Whitby Town Council, who left to pursue his parliamentary ambition on behalf of the little-known Social Justice Party (brain-child of that other Labour deserter, NYC Councillor Tony RANDERSON) – has found support from one Peter BOLTON (pictured below wearing a red Labour rosette over a Tory blue jumper), an apparently dubitable candidate in the forthcoming by-election for the Stakesby Ward of Whitby Town Council.

Readers are free to enjoy a triple-barrelled snigger:


“Good to know they’re fielding their brightest and best…”

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