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Letter: The Eskdale Fiasco – Cui Bono?

November 16, 2014 Letters
A Letter to the Editor from Ian HAVELOCK, writing as a member of the public. Ian HAVELOCK is also a Whitby Town Councillor and a member of the Labour Party, with long experience in the education arena as both teacher and Governor.
Dear Editor,
I was very sorry to hear from Mike Ward that he had, at the request of his Head Teacher at Eskdale School, resigned as Chair and left the school’s governing body.
In common with Mike, I have campaigned for many years for a comprehensive review of secondary education in Whitby.
 NYCC have always favoured a one size fits all solution; call the three schools one, with one executive head, one governing body, and of course a multitude of new logos and signs.
Mike and the governors at Eskdale have fought hard to maintain their school as an alternative choice, refusing to join the federation and almost certainly see their school closed and the site sold off for housing. Recently they applied to the NYCC to extend the schools age range to sixteen, which would ensure Eskdale’s survival. NYCC have been, to say the least, slow to respond to this seemingly rational request.
Mike Ward’s resignation must seem like manna from heaven to his opponents both here and at County Hall, as it leaves the Eskdale governors in a state of some disarray. They are perhaps more likely to join the other two schools in what is at best a makeshift organisation lacking both in vision and strategic planning for the future.
I must in conclusion ask the reader cui bono?
Ian Havelock
Ian HAVELOCK, Whitby. 15th November , 2014.

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