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“Doomsday Clock Statement”

January 26, 2018 Misc

“Doomsday Clock Statement”

Shifting focus, momentarily, from the provincial to the global, readers may appreciate the opportunity to consider the views set out in the Science and Security Board “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists”, edited by John Mecklin.

The Bulletin (reproduced below), expressing the collective opinions of a group of the world’s most qualified observers, paints a sobering evaluation of the world’s proximity to doomsday. Immediately following the Bulletin, short biographies of the contributors set out their credentials (from p.9). But do take the time to review the Doomsday Clock Timeline (from p.15).

A printable PDF of this statement, complete with the President and CEO’s statement and Science and Security Board biographies, is available here.

Global issues, by definition, include every locality on the planet. What contribution can our local authorities make to tackling them?

Should Councils reconsider their positions on investing their Reserves and Pension Funds in armaments-related industries? In plastics manufacturers and proliferators? In non-renewable energy sources (including fracking)? And so on . . .

Should Councils commit more heavily to evironmental preservation (including combatting littering, fly-tipping and industrial marine pollution)? And so on . . .

The Enquirer would welcome (and will publish) comment from local Councillors via email to, with the word ‘DOOMSDAY‘ in the Subject-line.

Download the PDF file 2018_DOOMSDAY_CLOCK.

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