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Council Tax – An SBC Mystery

October 29, 2014 Letters

A Letter to the Editor from Richard INESON of Whitby, who has been comparing Council Tax charges around the country – with some interesting (though deeply mysterious) results . . .


Dear Mr Editor,

I hope you will consider publishing my email on the subject of Council Tax to the Chief Executive of Scarborough Borough Council . . .

Regards, etc.


Richard INESON, Whitby. 29th October. 2014.


From: Richard Ineson
Sent: 29 October 2014 13:13
To: Jim Dillon (
Subject: Council Tax levels

Dear Jim,

I’ve just been looking at the level of Council Tax levied in various places and seeing how local Council Tax levels measure up against other local authorities. I’ve  got the figures together for the major centres of population in this area, Whitby, Scarborough, and Filey, and then the figures for probably the most prosperous area of the U.K. – Kensington and Chelsea, and then the area which probably contains the most people of dubious character in the UK, Westminster.

And here are the results :-

~ Council Tax 2014-2015 ~

Kensington and Chelsea

  • Band A – £711.19
  • Band D – £1,066.79
  • Band H – £2,133.58


  • Band A – £451.16
  • Band D – £676.74
  • Band H – £1,353. 48


  • Band A – £1,070.76
  • Band D – £1,606.15
  • Band H – £3,212.30


  • Band A – £1,041.18
  • Band D – £1,561.78
  • Band H – £3,123.56


  • Band A- £1,070.52
  • Band D – £1,605.79
  • Band H – £3,211.58


  • Band A – £454. 51
  • Band D – £681.77
  • Band H – £1,363.54


  • Band A – £472.76
  • Band D – £709.15
  • Band H – £1,418.30

More figures, for a very poor area of London, Tower Hamlets, plenty of kids here, unemployment, deprivation and old people, but still a low Council Tax, so I can see no grounds  or excuses for the low level of tax being brought about by not needing to provide schools, sheltered housing, training etc.

  • Band A – £789.68
  • Band D – £1,184.52
  • Band H-  £2,369.04

And the most expensive house which is currently for sale in the UK for £250 million , is No. 18, Carlton House Terrace, Westminster, SW1Y 5AH. Westminster Council ref No. T1996018000009. This property is in Band H and is liable for the grand sum of £1,353.48 Council Tax this financial year.

You will see that Whitby has the highest Council Tax out of all of these Councils, including Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea, have you  any idea why?

This is not a request for information under the auspices of the Freedom of Information Act, but I would like a response within the time allowed under that Act, this is an informal request for information.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Ineson


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