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An Open Letter to the Mayor of Scarborough

An Open Letter to the Mayor of Scarborough

From County & Borough Councillor Tony RANDERSON [Lab.], in regard to the ludicrous conduct of Scarborough Mayor Councillor Joe PLANT [Con.], who appeared content to jerk around as others pulled his strings.


Cllr Plant,

With regard to the debacle that you “oversaw” yesterday in the Town Hall Chamber, it has become very apparent that amongst your other “attributes” you also must be telepathic. You may now wish to refer yourself in a Formal Complaint for breaching the Constitution and bringing the Council (and your party) into disrepute.

There is no point having a Constitution if you, the Mayor, on instruction may flaunt it at will.

It is because I personally truly believe in openness and transparency that I am making this an “open letter” to ensure the public are clearly aware of my distaste at the commencement of yesterday’s meeting.

Please enlighten myself on just how you justify your actions in your refusal to allow free speech when I stood to raise a very legitimate Point of Order.

How could you possibly rule it not a Point of Order when I hadn’t even got to the Point of Order ?

Could you please enlighten me on just what I didn’t say didn’t comply with the Constitution, hence your clear telepathic powers must have come to the fore.

It is going to be extremely interesting just how you will be now “instructed” to respond with the legal arguments to show that what I didn’t say did not comply with standing orders / constitution.

Note Well :

13.12 Of Scarborough Council’s Constitution

Point of Order

A Councillor may rise on a Point of Order and shall be entitled to be heard immediately. A Point of Order shall only relate to an alleged breach of Standing Orders and a Councillor shall begin by specifying the Standing Order or Councils Procedures or Rules of Law and then state the way in which he or she considers it has been broken.

This role cannot be suspended.

I was in the process of undertaking this when you were “instructed” by Officers to curtail my free speech, contrary to the above clause.

The Tail is very clearly wagging the Dog here, yet again, and you are clearly comfortable in allowing this to occur.

Tony Randerson

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