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WHEXIT! WTC Cllrs Condemn SBC Leadership

WHEXIT! WTC Cllrs Condemn SBC Leadership

Three years to the day since the BBC ‘Inside Out’ Documentary vindicated the citizen-journalists of Real Whitby (now heading-up the North Yorks Enquirer), the Whitby Gazette has front-paged the Whitby Town Council move to condemn Scarborough Borough Council Leader Councillor Derek BASTIMAN [Con.] and his seven Cabinet colleagues.

Meanwhile, the Scarborough News has launched its own on-line poll:

“Do you have confidence in Scarborough Council to run the borough in the best interests of its residents?”

(Click on the link above to vote).

The present wave of unrest has been triggered by three scandals:

  • the vote on The Futurist Theatre demolition;
  • the Ben MARRIOTT fraud and corruption “whistleblower” revelations;
  • the phenomenal waste of public money attempting to silence those who have exposed wrong-doing in local government.

On Monday 13th February 2017, Filey Town Council will consider a VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE in Scarborough Borough Council.

Who’s next?

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