Wednesday 28th September 2022,
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“Waste Not, Want Not?”

“Waste Not, Want Not?” A Letter to the Editor from an elector in Scarborough, performing a valuable public service. ~~~~~ Dear Mr Thorne, The following information may be considered too trivial for your esteemed public service website. Nevertheless, I share [...]

August 14, 2022 Letters

YCBID: Coup de Grâce

YCBID: Coup de Grâce – an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, pointing the way to the long-awaited termination of YCBID Ltd. ~~~~~ A Report to SBC’s Audit Committee meeting scheduled for 21st July 2022, signed off by Legal [...]

July 21, 2022 East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Scarborough Borough Council

Officers’ Silence is Golden

Officers’ Silence is Golden – an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, sharing some informed and well-sourced opinions on the trajectory of the ARGOS saga. ~~~~~ Once again, I must apologise in advance for the great length and detail [...]

October 26, 2021 Scarborough Borough Council

SBC Rogue Officers Wagging The Dog – Again

SBC Rogue Officers Wagging The Dog – Again – an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, exposing another outageously anti-democratic stroke of skullduggery by Scarborough Borough Council rogue Officers. ~~~~~ Two months down the road, readers may not recall [...]

September 27, 2021 Scarborough Borough Council

ARGOS: Out For The Count?

ARGOS: Out For The Count? – an “In My View”article by NIGEL WARD, reporting on events at the meeting of Scarborough Borough Council on Monday 6th September 2021, providing eye-witness testimony – followed by a brief analysis from Guest Author [...]

September 8, 2021 Scarborough Borough Council

Dear ‘Major’ Steve

Dear ‘Major’ Steve – an Open Letter to the present Leader of Scarborough Borough Council by NIGEL WARD. ~~~~~ Councillor Steve SIDDONS – Leader – Scarborough Borough Council IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST Steve, I write to appeal to you to [...]

August 2, 2021 Scarborough Borough Council

The Great SBC Land Grab [Pt.1]

The Great SBC Land Grab [Pt.1] Guest Author Norman Murphy – Scarborough Borough Council Alderman and former Councillor – shares his views on the latest Labour-led scheme to give away the family silver. ~~~~~ Although the current Labour leadership of Scarborough [...]

July 5, 2021 Scarborough Borough Council

Siddons – The Joke

Siddons – The Joke Today’s Guest Author is Alderman Norman Murphy, offering his unique analysis of the Italian anti-terrorism planters presently regaling the town centre. ~~~~~ The current leader of the Council, our Italian-loving Stevonio Siddonso, who laughably claims to run [...]

May 30, 2021 Scarborough Borough Council

Travelodge £½-BILLION in the Red

Travelodge £½-BILLION in the Red – an “In My View”article by NIGEL WARD, reporting on the latest Travelodge figures  – and what that may mean to SBC and its ratepayers. Plus – other Council news. ~~~~~ Thame & London Ltd [...]

May 24, 2021 Scarborough Borough Council

SBC: Round-Up

SBC: Round-Up an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, summarising the state of the Borough Council in the run-up to its year-end. ~~~~~ With no further meetings of SBC Full Council scheduled until 11th May 2021, here follows a [...]

March 1, 2021 Scarborough Borough Council