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“Scatman Fox”

October 17, 2015 Letters

A Letter to the Editor from JACONELLI child-abuse survivor Guy WHITING, of Scarborough, who writes to share more of his experiences in Scarborough, in connection with Scarborough Borough Council and the North Yorkshire Police.


Dear Mr Editor,

Further to my letters of 29th September and 8th October, I thought your readers would be interested in what happened to me during and following my arrest outside the Town Hall [21/05/15] whilst I was peacefully protesting about the ‘election’ of Tom Fox as Mayor of Scarborough.

At the time of my arrest, Tom Fox was inside the Town Hall, awaiting his Chain of Office.

I was arrested by a PC N********e. The N********es are a well-known fishing family with longstanding associations to Scarborough’s “Bottom End”, Tom Fox and our local MP, Robert Goodwill. (How prophetic the letter sent to me weeks before my arrest, (see attached).

The circumstances of my arrest are subject of a Professional Standards investigation. Their investigation is looking at:

  1. The justification for my arrest by N********e and a PC J*****n.
  2. How I sustained the injuries (see photos).
  3. How my placard came to be smashed (see photos).
  4. What Dr S*** was informed about me.
  5. Threats made to me by PC J*****n.

What happened following my arrest was more disturbing than during my arrest.

During my arrest, I was repeatedly punched and had my placard smashed (see photos). I was arrested at 10:40am approximately and remained in the police cells all day. At 19:30 hours approximately, I was taken from my cell to a medical interview/treatment room where Dr. S*** introduced himself as the duty police doctor.

He proceeded to ask me a series of mental health questions. He told me that he had been informed, via the custody Sergeant, that the arresting officers, PCs N********e and J*****n, had informed him that I was a well-known psychiatric case; that I had been in Cross Lane Hospital; and that I had been diagnosed with a major psychiatric illness for which I took medication.

I informed Dr S*** that this was untrue, and what had been said by PCs N********e and J*****n was completely mendacious, in an attempt to manipulate him into sectioning me under the Mental Health Act.

To Dr S***’s great credit, he accepted what I told him and refused to section me.

I was then returned to my cell, at 23:00 hours.

I was interviewed on suspicion of threatening Tom Fox and resisting arrest.

I informed the police officers interviewing me that it was Tom Fox who had instigated the incident and that what he’d alleged was untrue. I further informed them that, to prove this, I had a recording of the whole incident between myself and Mr Fox.

I was then bailed by the police so that they could make further enquiries and listen to my recording.

I was told that my recording would be sent for forensic analysis.

Several months later, I answered bail and was informed the recording confirmed my version of events and, consequently, that no further action was being taken against me.

Tom Fox had approached me with a diatribe of abuse, calling me a “f*cking c*nt” and an “ar*ehole”.

I don’t need to remind your readers that these profanities were coming from a Mayor, and former senior Police Officer of the time when Jaconelli, Savile, Corrigan, Coates and a cabal of others were abusing a myriad of toddlers/children for profit and their own gratification. That Mayor Fox has the audacity to affront a victim with such obscenities beggars belief.

I would like to say to the Councillors of Scarborough, for electing this egregious man to be Mayor, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

I speak as a victim of Peter Jaconelli, and I am sure I speak for many others when I say you are a bunch of invertebrates to have awarded this man such a civic honour for failing hundreds of Scarborough children; it’s shameful.

I am sure that at some time in the future, Tom Fox’s name will be expunged from all civic honours lists, like his friends Savile and Jaconelli were.

When real and widespread dereliction of duty by Scarborough Police Officers was rife – a charge that could not be levelled at the present incumbents – perhaps a trip to the Leeds Arms down the Bottom-End would shed some light?

Yours, faithfully,

Guy Whiting

Guy WHITING, Scarborough. October, 2015.


PS – Whilst protesting outside of the Town Hall, a man in SBC hi-viz approached me. He informed me that, decades ago, he had seen Jaconelli, Savile and Fox sitting at the same table in a local coffee shop, just around the corner. I believe the term is “caught in flagrante delicto in a ménage-a-trois”.

Excerpt: Letter from Robert GOODWILL MP



Notification of No Further Action (NFA)



Contemporaneous Photographs of Guy WHITING’s Injuries



Photograph of Smashed Placard


Letter from Dr H*******

EPSON scanner Image

EPSON scanner Image

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Excrement, especially of a fox; dung.





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