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Yearly Archives: 2021

Why Do Our Local ‘Rags’ Get Their Facts Wrong?

A Letter to the Editor from Mike WARD (writing as a member of the public), criticising inaccuracies in the Whitby Gazette. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why do newspapers get their facts wrong or only report in part ? Dear Mr Editor, I have [...]

September 8, 2011 Letters

Whitby ‘Jet d’Eau’ Whaling Memorial

Whitby ‘Jet d’Eau’ Whaling Memorial – an idea, by NIGEL WARD ~~~~~~ One rare fine morning, at the beginning of July 2011, I was standing at the most north-westerly corner of the graveyard of St Mary’s Church on Whitby’s east [...]

July 31, 2011 Misc

Dredging Deep To Uncover The Truth

  Today, Tuesday 19th July 2011, a Report (numbered 11/347) will be presented to the Cabinet of Scarborough Borough Council by the Head of Legal & Support Services, Mr Ian Anderson. It is a Report on the notorious affair of [...]

July 19, 2011 Scarborough Borough Council

Park-&-Ride and ‘The Bollard That Never Rises’

A Letter to the Editor from Richard INESON, reporting on the nonsense of the Whitby Park-&-Ride proposals and the world-renowned “Bollard That Never Rises”. ~~~~~ Dear Mr Editor, The first and last part of the following email response answers questions [...]

July 16, 2011 Letters

“Harbour Master Abandons Whitby” – CodHead 019

“Harbour Master Abandons Whitby” Scarborough Borough Harbour Master Martin Wills set sail for the Port of Blyth recently, with a parting shot at Robert Goodwill MP – the ‘transport specialist’ who thought Whitby could manage without a Coastguard Station (as [...]

July 14, 2011 Cartoons

“Council Credit Cards Pickled” – CodHead 018

“Council Credit Cards Pickled” CodHead’s fly-on-the-wall view of Whitby Town Clerk Pam Dobson and Town Mayor Councillor John Freeman as they digest the depressing news that Secretary of State Eric Pickles will clamp down on Council credit cards being used [...]

June 2, 2011 Cartoons

“Bin Laden in Whitby” – CodHead 018

“Bin Laden in Whitby” Following reports that Osama Bin Laden has been killed and his body dumped in the ocean, CodHead lets his imagination run riot on Tate Hill Beach. [Satire]   [...]

May 16, 2011 Cartoons

“You Know You’ve Been Tangoed . . .” – CodHead 017

“You Know You’ve Been Tangoed . . .” CodHead has a sharp eye for the dangled carrot . . . [...]

May 4, 2011 Cartoons

“Coastguard Call-Out!” – CodHead 016

“Coastguard Call-Out!” CodHead apparently disagrees with Scarborough & Whitby NP Robert Goodwill, who, according to a report in the Whitby Gazette last month, supports the closure of Whitby Coastguard Station in the light of the comprehensive spending Review. The Gazette [...]

May 3, 2011 Cartoons

“All Quiet On The Whitby Front” – CodHead 015

“All Quiet On The Whitby Front” CodHead wonders if Scarborough Borough Council Leader Councillor Tom Fox is really oblivious to the burgeoning “Me Too!” scandal. [Satire] [...]

May 2, 2011 Cartoons