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1975: Peter Shore MP

In 1975 Peter Shore MP (Labour) made a speech to the Oxford Union about the 1975 EEC Referendum debate. Even though his speech is 41 years old, his words show that 41 years have not altered the debate about the [...]

June 21, 2016 Misc

Brexit The Movie

Brexit The Movie, a crowdsourced documentary which makes the case for Britain to LEAVE the EU on June 23rd. You have a chance to kick back against the bankers, the tax dodging multi-nationals, corrupt politicians, faceless bureaucrats and into the [...]

May 14, 2016 Documentaries

The Brussels Business (2012)

Disclose.TV are hosting a documentary by Matthieu Lietaert and Friedrich Moser. The Brussels Business dives into the grey zone underneath the European Union. An expedition into the world of the 15,000 lobbyists in the EU capital, of the PR conglomerates, [...]

May 1, 2016 Documentaries

The Great Global Warming Swindle (2007)

Originally broadcast March 8th 2007 on Channel 4, two years before the Climatic Research Unit email controversy, aka Climategate. Climategate is the biggest scandal in modern science which laid bare that senior climate scientists had manipulated or suppressed evidence in [...]

April 24, 2016 Documentaries

Gasland (2010)

Gasland is a 2010 American documentary written and directed by Josh Fox. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2011, the film focuses on communities in the United States affected by natural gas drilling and, specifically, a method [...]

August 21, 2015 Documentaries

Justice Denied: Death in Custody

A Press TV documentary investigating the death in custody of Christopher Alder, who died on the floor of Queen’s Gardens Police Station in Hull, whilst several members of Humberside Police chatted amongst themselves. [...]

November 25, 2014 Documentaries

Justice Denied: The Danny Major Stitch Up

A Press TV documentary investigating the fitting up of police officer Danny Major, by his colleagues in West Yorkshire Police. [...]

September 20, 2014 Documentaries

Justice Denied : Harassed by the Police

A Press TV documentary investigating the harassment of London plumber Ian Puddick by City of London Police, insurance giant Guy Carpenter and MI6 contractor Kroll. [...]

August 13, 2014 Documentaries

All Over This Land

A Letter to the Editor from Andy STRANGEWAY, of York, responding to North Yorks Enquirer article “Carry On, Cowboy Council”. ~~~~~ Dear Mr Editor, In response to your latest post could I please refer you to the disgraceful conduct of [...]

July 23, 2014 Letters

BBC Inside Out (North East & Cumbria) featuring citizen journalists Real Whitby

A BBC TV Inside Out (North East & Cumbria) documentary investigating the claims of citizen journalists Real Whitby, now the North Yorks Enquirer. [...]

February 10, 2014 Documentaries