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“NYP: Biased or Not?”

June 19, 2020 Letters, Police

“NYP: Biased or Not?”

A Letter to the Editor from RODGER DOWNING of Scarborough, questioning an apparent double-standard in the policing of the Coronavirus Regulations.


Dear Editor

Is North Yorkshire Police BIASED in applying Lockdown Rules?

My property was on a quiet street, until a tenant moved in next door. The loud music and drunken parties began, shouting out of the windows and drinking on the street became a norm, with regular visits from the Police. This was pre-Lockdown.

The Lockdown started in March and the message was to stay at home, don’t socialise and keep 2 meters apart. I though that this might bring some respite, some quietness on the horizon, some peace.

Don’t be fooled! The Lockdown only applied to us, not to the tenant or to Cummings. The drinking sessions continued with a complement of loud music and shouting.

Finally, the Police came and turfed out the defiant group of drinkers and party-goers.

Though the North Yorkshire Police are involved and visit regularly, the drinking, shouting and music continues.

At what point will the Police act and apply the law? This is clearly a case of breaking the Lockdown rules and anti-social behaviour.

The tenant still resides and continuous to defy the law.

Then you hear from a friend, a person is being taken to court, for making a non-essential journey in his van, out buying a packet of fags. You read of people being issued with fines on the Scarborough beach. Sun-bathers being asked to move on, or face a fine if they transgress again.

The question arises: are we all being policed in the same way by North Yorkshire Police, or is there a two-tier system. Where you are only enforced if you have the ability to pay?

As such, the tenant on benefit need not worry.

The problem is reported to the Police and their advice is to report it to the Council. I said, “But Officer, its 11 pm at night. I cannot sleep, and I am reporting it to you, surely you can log it with the Council as part of your community policing?”

Where is Sandra Rees Community Impact Team (CIT), when you need her, probably patting her own back, on what a good job she has done.

So, in conclusion . . .

Is the North Yorkshire Police enforcing lockdown fairly?

Or is the North Yorkshire Police operating a two-tier policing policy – those who have the ability to pay and those who cannot?


Yours Faithfully

Rodger Downing

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