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Moving On – NYCC Monitoring Officer Carole DUNN

Moving On – NYCC Monitoring Officer Carole DUNN

  • a brief report by NIGEL WARD on an imminent change of personnel on the second-top rung of the North Yorkshire County Council ladder.



Regular readers will recognise the familiar face of Ms Carole DUNN – presently the Assistant Chief Executive Head of Legal & Democratic Services and Monitoring Officer of North Yorkshire County Council.


Carole DUNN has made a number of appearances in Real Whitby, including reports of her:

  • embarrassing appearance in Private Eye regarding the above.
  • reporting the frauds and forgeries associated with the “Me Too!” Voucher Scheme scam to a humble rural Police Constable with no training or expertise in financial crime

Such is her “track record of delivering highly respected, robust legal and democratic services” – as her position-description confirms.

But the moving finger writes, and having writ moves on . . . to another local authority, no doubt, where the need for a moral compass is perhaps even more pressing.

Real Whitby readers may wish to confirm for themselves that Carole DUNN’s job is now up for grabs. Just scroll down and follow the links below, the wiggly line.

If you can see yourself as being “professional”, “influential” and able “to drive change”, “help define the future direction” and “influence key stakeholders”, you may be tempted to apply.

The money is good (c.£100K p.a.); the pension superb. And there is the attractive bonus of being virtually above such trivial inconvenience as the law of the land.

One might wonder whether or not SBC’s Director of Legal & Democratic Services and Monitoring Officer Lisa DIXON (who is also Monitoring Officer for the North York Moors National Park Authority) has tendered an application?

Earlier this year, on 8th July, Lisa DIXON emailed one of the Real Whitby investigative-journalists. After quoting the entirety of an email to Andy WILSON, Chief Executive Officer at the North York Moors National Park Authority, she then went on to ask:

Please could you clarify whether you are of the opinion that I should
consider referring the forged signature to the police or Carole Dunn's
work around this?

Many thanks,

Kind regards,

Lisa Dixon

So. Pushed or jumped? That is the question.

But before you brush up on your CV, please spare a moment to join us in wishing Carole DUNN (whom I have met – and found to be an intelligent, charming and far more engaging presence than her picture might perhaps suggest) every success and happiness in whatever career-move she next undertakes:

All the very best, Carole – from all at Real Whitby.




North Yorkshire County Council continues to drive forward its ambitious plans for transformation. We face challenges balancing the need to make large-scale efficiencies with our plans for modernisation and growing demand for our services.

We are now looking for a professional, influential Assistant Chief Executive to drive change, help define our future direction, influence key stakeholders and support service improvement in Legal and Democratic services and across the breadth of the authority.

As well as being responsible for legal and democratic services the postholder will be the statutory Monitoring Officer for the council, with responsibility of being the council’s moral compass, ensuring high ethical standards and the ability to ensure we ‘do the right thing’ as an organisation. You will probably already be managing a legal service across a wide range of disciplines in a complex organisation and have experience of working with elected members.

You will have a clear vision of success, a passion for significant challenges and a track record of delivering highly respected, robust legal and democratic services.


Closing date: 17 November 2013 Interview date: w/c 9 December 2013

For further information and to apply please visit www.northyorks.gov.uk/aclegaldemocratic.

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