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MIKE WARD [UKIP]: “Selflessness, Integrity, Honesty & Openness”

April 30, 2015 Letters

A Letter to the Editor from Mike WARD of Whitby (who is contesting the Streonshalh ward of the Scarborough Borough Council local elections for the United Kingdom Independence Party), introducing himself to the Borough electorate. Mike is an experienced Borough Councillor who was ousted as Chair of the Eskdake School Board of Governors for having joined UKIP. He resigned from Whitby Town (Parish) Council, citing fears of financial mismanagement.


Dear Mr Editor,

May I please introduce myself, through your Letters page, to voters in the Whitby ward of Streonshalh?

Scarborough Borough Council Elections : May 7th : Streonshalh Ward

Do you know what is happening and what is NOT happening at SBC ?

If you think it is time for change, your vote can make change happen.

Dear Residents,

I am writing to ask for your vote on May 7th.

Having lived in this area for over 45 years, like you, I am passionate about WHITBY but do have many serious concerns. SBC, taking money from us and the tourist boom, needs to reinvest wisely to provide this Town with the necessary services and the maintenance urgently required.

Whitby is practically ignored when it comes to the investment which is needed now.

Our Harbour, Piers and parts of the town desperately need urgent repairs but very little is happening.

It could be 2017/18 before our Piers are repaired.

The choice is yours.

With common sense and good financial management, more could and should be done.

Policies for people where residents and local issues come first.

Local referendums on key issues effecting residents are essential.

We need a listening Council with front line services maintained, INVESTMENT in our town and
proper consultations on key issues such as PARKING and PLANNING, whilst making more savings in some areas of expenditure.

We should scrap the officers essential CAR USER ALLOWANCE to save up to £100k p.a. and follow the recommendations in the Parks Report for even greater savings.

There should be a review of the senior management structure.

Our money should not be spent in helping large businesses make even greater profits – eg the Sands, the Waterpark and the Futurist.

We have jobs in farming, fishing and tourism to protect but more jobs for local people are required, without effecting those we already have.

There must be PARENTAL CHOICE in educational provision,better facilities for our young
people,more affordable homes, safer and cleaner streets,better deals for our fishermen and local businesses as well as improved NHS HEALTHCARE.

If elected I will work extremely hard with you to ensure your concerns are addressed. I will
listen, respond and act. Together we can provide a strong voice to champion local causes and fight for selflessness, integrity, honesty and openness in public life so making a difference for OUR TOWN.

As an Independent Councillor little could be achieved. I joined UKIP because it is a Party which wants to change the system and allow local residents more say in the future for themselves and their families.

Surely this must be the right way forward.

YOUR vote is extremely important so please make it count.

Vote UKIP on May 7th.

Yours sincerely,


Mike Ward,Whitby. 27th April. 2015.

Email : streonshalh.ward@gmail.com

Mobile: 07471-180206

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