Monday 22nd April 2024,
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A Sideways View of the SBC Electoral Boundary Changes

A Sideways View of the SBC Electoral Boundary Changes

A local Labour Councillor’s take on these ‘necessary'(???) ward boundary changes. Councillor RANDERSON has kindly provided his private email address, so that residents may contact him, in confidence, with the firm assurance that the SBC spooks will not pry into their private communications.


An Imaginary Conversation Overheard by a ‘Fly-on-the-Wall’ in some Civil Service Office in Whitehall [Satire]

“I say old chap, it really does look like our chaps up there in Scarborough could be in a spot of bother come May 2019, when local elections are due to take place. We really must ensure our chum Robert Goodwill is taken care of. These Borough Council results will point the route on just how strong the Labour support is in the jolly old Scarborough & Whitby Constituency. Leading up to the next General Election, what?” 

“If these northern peasants all come out to vote in the jolly old wards as the boundaries are now, our Tory chums could get an absolute pasting, what? High time to undertake another boundary review, what! Let’s see how we can just tweak somewhat, you know? Manipulate these figures in each ward to ensure we don’t have any of those nasty ‘reds in their beds’ taking control in a true blue North Yorkshire stronghold, what?” 

“What a spiffing idea, Montague!”

“Oh yes, that should do it. And we will even embark on the good old public consultation exercise, tick box, what? And take absolutely no notice of it once representations are received! Yes, what, that will do the trick, Sebastian! And the peasants will be none the wiser that they have been well and truly stuffed.”

“It really is a hoot, isn’t it?”

“Now let’s see how we can shuffle the jolly old pack to keep our chummies happy. The Leader up there is that really nice chappy Bastiman. He really could do with a little leg up. I understand those nasty reds have been asking challenging questions of our chum Bastiman – and, in particular, that distasteful Deputy Leader of the Labour Group, Randerson.”

“What an absolute cad!”

Kind Regards,


Tony Randerson.

Mob 07926 226904


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