Monday 19th August 2019,
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Alpamare License Revoked

Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) have revoked the premises license for the Alpamare Waterpark. The reason for the premises license revocation lies within the 2003 Licensing Act. The operators of the newly built £14million waterpark were the subject of a winding [...]

February 22, 2019 Scarborough Borough Council

Record Council Tax Rises Across North Yorkshire

Data from the Tax Payer’s Alliance has been released which shows historical data regarding cumulative Council Tax (CT) rises spanning the last twenty years. 2018/19 Council Tax budgets are currently being voted upon. North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) will be [...]

February 5, 2019 North Yorkshire County Council, Scarborough Borough Council

Alpamare: A Busted Flush?

British Gas Trading Ltd have applied to the High Court of Justice to wind up Alpamare UK Ltd, the operator of the North Bay Water Park on Burniston Road. The winding up petition was printed in the London Gazette. With [...]

January 15, 2019 Scarborough Borough Council

Big Spa Repair Bill Incoming?

Reports emanating from the Town Hall at Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) give life to the rumour that it will be necessary in the near future to ask the Borough taxpayer for a seven figure sum to repair severe subsidence in [...]

January 8, 2019 Scarborough Borough Council

The ‘PRIVATE EYE’ Collection

The ‘PRIVATE EYE’ Collection In recent years, the investigative-journalism of the CORRUPTION BUSTERS – supported by a growing number of researchers, analysts and informants – has drawn the attention of the country’s pre-eminent political exposé magazine PRIVATE EYE. In the [...]

December 24, 2018 Private Eye

“Only the View is Free in Whitby”

A Letter to the Editor from IAN DIXON of Fishburn Park, Whitby, who is less than satisfied with the performance of his Councillors at Town and Borough level. ~~~~~ Mister Editor, It was interesting to read the letter about Freeview [...]

August 20, 2018 Letters

SBC U-Turns on Bogus RIPA Authorisation

SBC U-Turns on Bogus RIPA Authorisation an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, commenting on the dishonesty and evasion surrounding the unlawful interception of emails between members of the public and Councillors/Officers. ~~~~~ SBC has U-turned on the false [...]

April 27, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council

“NOCK’s Opportunity”

A Letter to the Editor from Ali WILKINS of Scarborough on the ever-contentious subject of Scarborough Borough Council’s approach to Council Tax – and exposing the reversed logic propagated by Councillor John NOCK [Con.] when he had the opportunity to [...]

March 27, 2018 Letters, Scarborough Borough Council

ERYC: Follow-Up re Bridlington Golf Club Sale ‘Mystery’

ERYC: Follow-Up re Bridlington Golf Club Sale ‘Mystery’ Further to last week’s article “Before The Flood: PARNABY/MENZIES Under Beeb Scrutiny” (16th March 2018), two interesting items of information have emerged. Notwithstanding the extraordinary performance of East Riding of Yorkshire Council [...]

March 25, 2018 East Riding of Yorkshire Council

“The Shortest of Straws”

A Letter to the Editor from Ali WILKINS of Scarborough, expressing an interesting perspective on SBC’s masterful lending of £9M to Benchmark – against the gilt-edged security of land it already owns. ~~~~~ Dear Editor, Recently on Tripadvisor Alpamare Scarborough [...]

January 19, 2018 Letters, Scarborough Borough Council