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“A Little Heavy Relief”

“A Little Heavy Relief”

  • an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, examining one more of the little ways in which Council employees enjoy a privileged position above the law (complete with explanatory pie-chart).


In the midst of the intense and highly partisan debate over the projected closure of Eskdale School, a moment of levity has been handed to me (on a plate) by a concerned member of the public in the Borough of Scarborough.

Levity is hard come by at present, when even the well-educated (?) are unable to recognise a memorable quote from Blackadder. But even the least knowledgeable amongst our readers will perhaps enjoy the following story in pictures, taken at around 10:00am on Wednesday 9th March 2016 – a good two hours before lunchtime.

Our intrepid citizen-photographer spotted an easily recognisable vehicle belonging to the Scarborough Borough Council fleet (Number 420), parked (could you believe it?) on double yellow lines.


This had every appearance of a parking offence.

But perhaps there was an emergency situation under way?

Maybe even a safe-guarding issue?

On closer examination, it soon became apparent that such was not the case – f0r there, in the passenger seat, a Council ‘operative’ could be seen, nonchalantly relaxing and enjoying the view.


But a passenger cannot be held culpable of a parking infraction. That distinction rests with the driver.

Still, a vehicle illegally parked for no ostensible reason clearly merited closer examination.

So, before pursuing further investigations, our intrepid photographer first made sure of obtaining clear evidence of the vehicle’s identity.


That looks like MK14 GFJ to me. I expect the Council will have no difficulty identifying the driver – and passing the necessary information to someone (?) to pursue a prosecution.

After all, we are all equal under the law, are we not?

Should be all over the front page of the local rag.

But, heigh ho, what’s all this?

An opportunity to identify the driver!

(Though regrettably, the act of pixelating the face has obscured what looked to me like a tell-tale drip of lip spittal).


And, sure enough . . .

Back from the pie run, here comes the driver.

“Nonsense”, I hear the Director of Legal & Democratic Services protest.

“How can we possibly know that this specimen is the driver of the illegally-parked Scarborough Borough Council vehicle – MK14 GFJ ?”

Fair question.

Are there any clues that might connect ol’ pie-features here with the van?

Well, getting closer . . .


Waddling purposefully towards the van now . . .

. . . yep!


Caught in the act.

In flagrante delicto.

The phantom pie-snatcher of Scarborough Borough – at your service.


It is worth pointing out, on a more serious note, that double yellow lines are implemented under primary legislation for the express purpose of ensuring safety.

Safety is of paramount importance – whether it is the safety of road users or the safety of schoolchildren.

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