Friday 22nd June 2018,
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A Open Letter to Mr Jim DILLON, CEO and Head of Paid Service, Mrs Lisa DIXON, Director of Legal & Democratic Services and Monitoring, and all Councillors of the Scarborough Borough Council. ~~~~~ OPEN LETTER TO JIM DILLON, LISA DIXON [...]

May 8, 2017 Scarborough Borough Council


Open Letter To Jim DILLON – SBC CEO ——– Original Message ——– Subject: Open Letter To Jim DILLON – SBC CEO Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2015 23:16:04 +0100 From: Nigel To: Mr Jim DILLON – Chief Executive Officer and [...]

September 21, 2015 Scarborough Borough Council

DILLON: “I Am God” (Part One)

DILLON: “I Am God” (Part One) an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD  shedding light on the burgeoning scandal of a Councillor having been prohibited from acting as a Councillor. Confused? You are supposed to be . . . [...]

June 16, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council

“NOCK and DILLON: Formal Complaints”

An Open Letter to Mrs Lisa DIXON, Director of Legal Democratic Services and Monitoring Officer, Scarborough Borough Council. This is a long, important, perhaps (for some) boring, but necessarily detailed letter dealing with the propriety of the actions of a [...]

June 5, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council

“Nine Long Years, Waiting for Jimbo”

A Letter to the Editor from RICHARD INESON, a long-standing penpal of SBC’s Chief Exec, Mr Jim DILLON – in whose aid the Enquirer has appealed to readers for a little empathy. Richard wrote to Mr DILLON in 2008, when [...]

May 11, 2017 Scarborough Borough Council

Appeal: A Penpal for Jimbo the (Tory) Partyman!

Appeal: A Penpal for Jimbo the (Tory) Partyman! For many years now – and in recent times, all the more so – members of the public have been communicating their common concern that Mr Jim DILLON, Chief Executive and Head [...]

May 8, 2017 Appeals

Futurist Demolition Costs Rise

As residents and visitors can see with their own eyes, the demolition of the Futurist Theatre on Foreshore Road in Scarborough has been underway for a while now. The demolition costs for the Futurist were presented by SBC’s Cabinet on [...]

June 3, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council

Cllr Excluded From Meeting

During the scheduled meeting of Scarborough Borough Council on Monday 14th May 2018, a conversation took place which indicates that the Head of Paid Service at Scarborough Borough Council, Jim Dillon, had excluded Cllr Michelle Donohue-Moncrieff from participating in the [...]

May 18, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, pointing up a profligate breach of Tory ‘austerity’. ~~~~~ East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor Andy STRANGEWAY [Ind.] – a sometime contributor to the Enquirer – has taken [...]

May 9, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council

Whitby Parish Poll Aborted

Whitby Parish Poll Aborted – an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, clarifying some misconceptions regarding the recently publicised Call for a Parish (Town) Poll in Whitby. ~~~~~ Readers of the Whitby Gazette will be aware that, at a [...]

May 1, 2018 Scarborough Borough Council, Whitby Town