Monday 04th December 2023,
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“Arise, Dame Gluey!”

“Arise, Dame Gluey!” Readers of the North Yorks Enquirer may be delighted and amused to see that Councillor Theresa ‘Gluey’ NORTON (a frequent ‘star’ of Enquirer reportage) has been recognised for her “Services to the Adhesives Industry” in Private Eye’s [...]

January 9, 2023 Private Eye, Scarborough Borough Council

Looney Labour Lag Promoting Scarborough

Labour election leaflets dropping on door mats across Scarborough and Whitby are emblazoned with an image of Borough Councillor, Theresa Norton. Eco-loon Norton is serving time at Her Majesty’s pleasure for her part in blocking roads as part of the [...]

February 12, 2022 Scarborough Borough Council

Borough Councillor Theresa Norton Jailed

Scarborough Labour Councillor and Climate Loon / Insulate Britain activist, Theresa Norton, has been handed a jail sentence of between 24 and 32 days by the High Court for Contempt of Court. The sentence relates to Norton’s actions of glueing [...]

February 2, 2022 Scarborough Borough Council

WANTED: Braindead or Alive

A warrant for the arrest of Labour Scarborough Borough Councillor Theresa Norton was issued by the High Court. Norton, elected as a Labour Party councillor in Eastfield, was in the High Court this morning for a committal hearing relating to [...]

February 1, 2022 Scarborough Borough Council

Stuck In Traffic

Unwitting servant of the Central Banks, full time EcoLoon, disciple of St Greta and occasional Scarborough Borough Councillor, Theresa Norton, failed to turn up for her long-scheduled Standards Committee meeting on Tues. 28th September. Quite why the lacklustre leader of [...]

September 28, 2021 Scarborough Borough Council

Scarborough Labour EcoLoon Arrested Again

Brainwashed Scarborough Borough Councillor, Theresa Norton, the demented Extinction Rebellion (Stinky Rebellion) activist that represents Eastfield ward, has been arrested by the Police yet again. When the Looney Labour Councillor is not plonking her backside down on the St Nicholas [...]

September 21, 2021 Scarborough Borough Council

Cllr Theresa Norton Charged In Watford

A few days after Scarborough Borough Councillor Theresa Norton appeared in court to answer a charge of blocking a road in Scarborough, a second charge as an Extinction Rebellion activist has come to light. The Labour Councillor, representing Eastfield Ward, [...]

May 29, 2021 Scarborough Borough Council